Maintaining Beautiful, Healthy Ponds

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Beautiful ponds don’t just happen. They are made and maintained on a regular basis. There are more pond maintenance tasks than one would imagine. Healthy ponds require proper aeration provided by aeration equipment that adds oxygen to the water. Refuse must be regularly removed, weeds controlled, and insects such as mosquitoes controlled. If there are fish in the pond, they must be fed and cared for. Aeration systems can be utilitarian or highly decorative.


Aeration systems move the water around and add oxygen to keep fish happy and the water clean and clear. There are many different aeration systems designed for deep ponds, shallow ponds, or small ornamental ponds such as koi fish ponds. They run on electricity, wind power, or solar power. They usually consist of a control box on shore and the aeration apparatus on the bottom of the pond. Keeping the water moving discourages weeds and algae from forming and taking over the pond. Aeration adds oxygen to the water to help fish and plants stay healthy.

Proper aeration prevents ponds from becoming stagnant and smelly. It also discourages insects such as mosquitoes from breeding in the water.

Decorative aeration systems can be installed that aerate the water while forming attractive fountains. These fountains can be single or double and can be various heights. The cascading water forms an attractive pond feature while keeping the pond healthy. Some fountain aerators come with lighting for nighttime display.

Other Maintenance Needs

In addition to aeration, ponds need regular maintenance such as removing debris and even dead animals. Unfortunately, there will be occasional small animals who fall in and drown. In koi fish ponds some fish die and must be removed. There are weed rakes available to get rid of weeds and fallen leaves. There are fish feeders to make that task easier. There are helpful pond bacteria to add to the water and chemicals to use to control algae and other weeds. Someone must check the aeration equipment regularly to make sure it is working properly.

A healthy, attractive pond is worth the small amount of labor to maintain it. For additional information, visit the website.



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