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The plants with flowers They are the largest group within the plant kingdom, so it is not surprising that there are several types of flowers depending on the criteria used to classify them.

We offer you a list of types of flowers based on their appearance since, without a doubt, it is what most attracts our attention about flowers and why we like them so much. Also, if you are looking for flowers with a specific characteristic, you will surely find it here.

types of flowers


What is a flower?

The flower is the reproductive system of flowering plants. Its function is based on the production of seeds through sexual reproduction. The seeds are the offspring of flowering plants since through them the species propagates and reproduces.

Flowering plants as we know them belong to the group of angiosperms and are made up of more than 250,000 species, constituting most of the terrestrial flora.

A single flower is responsible for producing the ovule and sperm, so the entire fertilization process takes place within the flower itself. This same flower is the one that produces the fruit and, therefore, the seeds.

But the flower not only has the mission of taking care of the reproduction of the plant but also has a very important role in terms of the pollination. The flower, thanks to its perfume and its bright colors, attracts animals, birds and insects to take care of transmitting pollen everywhere.

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what is a flower

Types of flowers

Flowers can be classified according to several factors, most of them botanical and which can be useful to students of the subject. We, however, have chosen a classification based on the appearance of the flowers. After all, the beauty of its petals, its colors and its shapes is what has always attracted the human being.

Small flowers

Small flowers are attractive as their beauty lies both in their simplicity and in the effect they create when they are all seen together. In addition, they are often used in the elaboration of bouquets of flowers since they are perfect to decorate them as a small detail. Here we leave you some of the most popular small flowers.

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brachicomeThe brachicome It is a shrub that blooms in summer and early autumn, covered with a blanket of small flowers that can be blue, mauve, white or pink. It is very resistant to cold and also tolerates the sun very well so they are perfect flowers for those who do not have much idea about plant care.

carraspiqueThe carraspique or iberis it is a flower as simple as it is popular. It grows in the form of a shrub and blooms in summer, in full sun and exuding an intense sweet aroma that is easily recognized. It withstands low temperatures very well so it is often used a lot in gardens.

nasturtiumThe nasturtium It is characterized by having long, fleshy stems and flowers in strong red and yellow tones. They bloom throughout the summer and part of the fall and give a lot of joy in the garden or even among the pots on the terrace or balcony. Also, they grow very fast.

Bell flowers

Among the types of flowers that exist, there is no doubt that those with bell-shaped petals are one of the most striking. Whether large or small, these colored bells, and sometimes also scented, are flowers that will certainly attract all eyes in the garden.

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Lily of the valleyThe convallaria or lily of the valley It is one of the most beautiful and simple bell flowers that exist. Of course, if we decide to grow it, we must take certain precautions since it is toxic. Despite its delicate appearance, it is a very drought-resistant plant.

fritillariaThe fritillaria It is also known as a checkerboard because its petals have the peculiarity of showing a design similar to that of this game. It is characterized because its hood looks down, as if it were crouched. Of course, it does not tolerate the sun too well.

japanese andromedaThe japanese andromeda It looks so beautiful and simple that it is impossible not to be dazzled by it. Placed in the shade and providing it with moderate watering, it will grow abundantly, combining very well with larger bushes with which to contrast.

colorful flowers

And who does not like flowers of cheerful and varied colors? A flowery garden full of endless different hues is still a beautiful place that pleases the eye and also the smell if these flowers are also scented. To be the envy of all, we propose some colorful flowers for your collection.

Meaning of yellow flowers

begoniaThe begonia It is one of the flowers with the most vivid colors to which its bright green leaves are attached. They come in different colors so they can be combined to create a bright and eye-catching effect. Of course, you have to be careful with watering because its stems rot easily.

bougainvilleaThe bougainvillea It is a climbing plant of tropical origin that is becoming more and more popular. In summer and autumn, its vivid magenta color brightens up any garden or balcony. By the way, did you know that what we admire is not its flowers but the bracts that surround them?

gerberaThe gerbera It is the flower preferred by many people since its bright orange, red and yellow colors are joined by the simplicity of its forms. Not for nothing is it known as the African daisy. In addition, if we are lucky, we can obtain petals of different colors in the same flower.

pink flowers

Pink is one of the favorite colors when choosing flowers, perhaps because it is halfway between the discreet white and the striking red. In addition, it evokes calm, serenity and romanticism, which is why it is common to see pink flowers in many places. Here we leave you our favorites.

pink peonyThe peony Pink is delicate and exuberant at the same time, elegant and simple. It blooms every spring and once it has reached maturity, it will hardly need any care for us to enjoy its beauty every year. If you put it in the sun, you will see it grow quickly.

pink camelliaThe camellia It could not be missing from this list because it is one of the most classic and appreciated flowers. It has the peculiarity of blooming in winter so it is a very good option if we want a note of color in the garden. If we keep them in the shade, they will not lose color.

almond blossomsThe almond blossom It is the sign that spring is coming and that the sun begins to warm a little more in the mornings. Have you ever thought about having an almond tree in your garden that will cheer up the last days of winter? Despite its short duration, it is always a joy to see its flowers.

Exotic flowers

There are those who get a little tired of the typical flowers that are seen everywhere and who prefer exotic flowers, perhaps because of their strange shapes, perhaps because of their colors or because of the legends that they sometimes have behind them. If you are curious about exotic flowers, we are going to suggest some to start with.

columbineThe columbine it always surprises with its double row of petals, each one with a different shape. In addition, it is very easy to grow and can actually be found wild in forests. Its colors range from white to deep blue through different shades of pink.

bat flowerThe bat flower It gets its name from its exotic shape reminiscent of this nocturnal bird and of course, for its black color. It grows very well in hot and humid environments and can reach a height of one meter so you have to give it space.

candy caneThe candy cane, of South African origin, it is a flower that looks like the typical white candy with red lines, it makes you want to eat it! When the sun is out, the red lines blur to almost white and when it's cold they intensify, isn't that cool?

Aquatic flowers

If you have a pond in your garden, you would surely like to see beautiful flowers floating on the water. And if this is not the case, you can always enable a container with water inside the house so that you do not want to enjoy the vision of these aquatic flowers.

lotus flowerThe lotus flower It is the queen of aquatic flowers without a doubt, in addition to being one of the most beautiful and ancient. It needs heat and sunlight and also grows in shallow water so it does not require a large space. It opens its petals in the morning and closes them at night.

water hyacinthThe water hyacinth It has its greatest attraction in the blue and violet color of its petals. It reproduces easily so it is perfect if this is the first time you are growing an aquatic plant. In addition, it minimizes the appearance of algae by keeping the water clean.

water lilyThe water lily could not be missing from this list. We can have it in yellow, white, purple and blue among other colors and being its evergreen, we will never have empty water. Its elegant appearance has made it a favorite with aquatic garden enthusiasts.

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