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Gerberas are among the most popular flowers in the world. They are used frequently in all types of flower arrangements. It is one of the few flowers that are naturally found in the entire color gamut, just like tulips. Let's see what is important, its characteristics and its meaning.

Gerbera Characteristics

Among the Gerbera flowers there are 150 described species, although only 38 have been accepted. The plant is a perennial ornamental type and belongs to the family Asteraceae. The rhizomatous leaves and petals in a basal rosette are usually circular, oblong, ovate or subcirculated.

They exist in all colors, though pinkish, reddish, orange and yellow predominate. They have a large number of petals that open and curve downward as the flower dies.

Gerbera plants are highly resistant to almost all types of climate and soil Ph. Only in areas with sub-zero temperatures, or lands that are too humid due to the rains, do Gerberas not thrive.

Origin of Gerberas

The plant was first described in South Africa, however there are ancient records of the species in Asia and South America. So it can be said that Gerberas are very old and easy to grow anywhere in the world.


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The dutch Jan Frederic Gronovius He was the first to give references to this plant in South Africa, however he decided to name them Gerberas in 1737 by the Russian Doctor Traugott Gerber, who traveled the world looking for medicinal flowers.

Gerbera flower meaning

The Gerbera flower when blooming in spring and kept very open facing the sun, are frequently associated with the luminosity, joy, smiles and happiness.

In ancient egypt were used to venerate the God of the Sun, they therefore meant faith, devotion, and closeness to the sun.

In Celtic culture Gerbera flowers were used as a decorative remedy against sadness, depression, and the stress or worries of daily life.

In the language of flowers and in Victorian times, Gerberas mean joy, joy, joy for life Y love or longing for childhood, a time that is usually full of rejoicing. Gerberas are also given to attract good energies in the face of big changes in life, for example a move, a new job, a wedding, or the birth of a baby.

Meaning of the Gerbera according to its color

There is so much variety of color in Gerberas, that their meaning can vary depending on the tonality of their petals, let's see here what each one means.

Meaning of white Gerberas

It means childlike joy, innocence and purity of a baby or a child. They are usually given to mothers who have just had a baby or as arrangements for baptisms or first communions.

If they are put at home to decorate the environment, they help to attract calm energies, and soothe the soul and the heart, filling it with peace and good humor.

In Victorian times, White Gerberas were given as a gift for someone who had to face great positive changes in their life.

What do yellow gerberas mean

Yellow Gerberas are directly related to the sun. Symbolizes the positive energy, warmth and kindness, smiles and joy.

Some people also attribute to it the meaning of glory, success, good fortune, and wealth. It is an excellent gift to attract prosperity, and they are used to decorate commercial premises or offices.

Yellow Gerberas are also given between friends as a bond of admiration and trust between all.

Orange Gerbera Symbolism

Orange Gerberas mean euphoria, laughter and laughter, are the epitome of good times with friends. It is an excellent gift for the friends who make you laugh the most, or to bring happiness to a loved one in need.

They are also associated with the happiness of marriage and life as a couple, recommended to be used on the honeymoon, or to decorate the home after the wedding. Even as a stimulant to avoid relationship problems and avoid divorces, since they help to remember good times and joy.

Meaning of Red Gerberas

Red Gerberas concentrate the most passionate feelings, so if you want to decorate with them you have to be moderate, since emotional excesses They fuel not only passionate love, but also uncontrolled euphoria and even aggressiveness.

They can be given individually to express love and trust to the couple. Or used as a symbol of victory over a problem, illness, or bad moment overcome.

Pink gerberas and their meaning

There are many shades of pinkish color in Gerberas, but in general these pastel colored flowers represent innocent youth, the happiness of adolescence, the joy of living to full physical potential.

While Gerberas in shades of fuchsia or intense pink express youthful passion, spring love; and a young man can give them as gifts to express admiration and sympathy for a girl.

Meaning of bluish Gerberas

Gerbera flowers in shades of blue and turquoise indicate fulfillment, personal satisfaction and inner peace. Although they are also used to celebrate the arrival of a male child in the family, his baptism or communion.

In a decorative way, the blue Gerberas help calm the environment, reduce fatigue and purify the spirit of negative energies, tensions and stress.

They can also be placed in a meditation room, gym, or art studio, attracting new ideas, positive mindsets, and fostering creativity and imagination.

The purple, lilac and violet gerberas

These colors are associated with the faith and devotionPurple Gerberas can be used in flower arrangements for the church or also as a farewell at funeral events.

They also symbolize modesty, humility and generosity, they can be given to family members who have taken care of you, or to people who have helped you in your job, or financially.

Gerbera flower meaning video

If you have been wanting to learn more about the meaning of the gerbera flower, then we leave you this video where you will be able to see more about its cultivation so that you can learn the entire life cycle of this plant.


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