▷ Meaning of the Flower of Happiness

Although there are many flowers that refer to happiness, when we talk about the meaning of the flower of happiness, we are actually referring in part to a metaphor for how we should lead our lives.

It is a metaphor because to look radiant flowers need care, moderate water, never in excess, it also needs light. This is the way we must treat ourselves in order to be happy.

Meaning of the flower of happiness

Many people take a flower, draw it, and place around it everything they need to grow without wilting. First of all, each of us must start from what happiness means to us, this cannot be imposed by anyone.

After that, we need to grow on the right ground, this implies moving away from things and people that hurt us, or can take us away from our happiness. We must eradicate our limiting beliefs, which are like plagues that negatively affect us, and learn to make decisions.

All these ingredients will be the petals that adorn us and allow us to live happily.

Meaning of the flower of happiness

Now, this has been the metaphorical or symbolic meaning of the flower of happiness built by ourselves, but, if we want a plant that impregnates us with this energy, then we refer to the Anthurium flower.

This plant is one of those that best purifies the planet's air, according to various scientific studies. In addition, having it at home allows us to be surrounded by true friends. Our relationships will also be strengthened with this plant.

The Anthurium flower has also received the name of painted tongue, Flemish plant and painter's palette because of the range of beautiful colors it contains. Anthurium brings us closer to love, stable relationships and lasting friendships. This flower is considered in many cultures as the flower of happiness.

The Anthurium flower, or painter's palette, keeps us surrounded by the energy of happiness. It is ideal for when a newborn arrives in the family. They say that those who have Anthurium flowers around them at birth will grow up feeling a lot of happiness and joy. So, if you are expecting a new member in the family, the recommendation is to start filling the garden with Anthurium flowers.

Meaning of the flower of happiness

This flower is beautiful, it decorates our environment, it is healing and can heal through the joy that it transports to the spaces where it is found. Feng Shui advises having this Antherium in our homes since the meaning of the flower of happiness is to improve our mood, like that of all other people in the home.

The meaning of the flower of happiness is profound because it not only has effects on our way of feeling, but for many centuries the Antherium flower has been used to improve pain at the muscular level, taking into account that it is a plant that due to calcium oxalate crystals can cause skin irritations if used in excess.

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