▷ Meaning of the Flower of Life

The reason why many people worry about knowing the meaning of the flower of life, once they know about it, is because of the enigma that it contains, since knowing this flower is equivalent to having knowledge about the origin of life itself. .

Many people, belonging to different cultures, have shown interest in the prime of life. Therefore, it is common to see it in flannels, tattoos, in charms, among others.

Flower of life meaning

When we talk about the flower of life we ​​refer to the sacred geometric design composed of circles and shaped like a flower. All figures are juxtaposed in a hexagonal shape. The result is really impressive.

There are nineteen circles in total that make up the flower of life, in addition to 36 arches. These nineteen circles are what generate flower-like shapes. This design is not an invention of modernity. On the contrary, since ancient times it was known and valued by many cultures.

This symbol is so universal that it is present in almost all cultures, from European to Latin and that of the Netherlands, or the East. The belief about the meaning of the flower of life is that its forms include all the laws of the universe, including those of physics, mathematics and music.

Flower of life meaning

All students of the forms of the flower of life have agreed that their symmetry is perfect. The most curious thing is that this form is found in many of nature's creations, such as in certain plants or in a mysterious honeycomb.

The enigma that contains the flower of life is so sacred that inscriptions have been found in some temples of pharaohs, in India, or in China, in addition that the Christian tradition has taken the symbolism of the seed of life, starting from the meaning of the flower of life.

Some scientists have observed the design of the human embryo and have realized that it is the same design as that of the flower of life, since cells begin by dividing into two, four, eight and so on until the fetus is shaped. In other words, the mystery of the flower of life is connected with the explanations that embryogenesis offers us.

Flower of life meaning

There have been so many repetitions of the pattern of life that man has tried to decipher it. The meaning behind this flower alludes to an energy field that each being has.

To soak up this vital energy, we can use the representation of the flower of life in necklaces with a pendant, or in the house as a pendant. We can try to draw it, or print it if we cannot reproduce this form of sacred geometry, and think a lot about a special being to whom we wish to send light and our best wishes.

We can also use it to place it in spaces in our house, for example, fixed on the wall and next to it write affirmations of abundance, life and prosperity. In each circle we can also write the name of each member of our family, or people we love and to whom we wish balance in their life.

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