10 Flowers That Can Be Planted In Spring

Starting plants from seed is quite a challenge, and although it can be a bit frustrating at times since 100% of what we sow will never survive, when we are successful it fills us with pride and happiness.

In addition, without a doubt, we save a lot of money since for what a single plant costs, with a packet of seeds of a similar price, we can obtain dozens of seedlings. The seed packets They can be easily purchased even in supermarkets, but if you are interested in quality and organic farming, remember that to buy ecological plants it is necessary to go to a store specialized in organic seeds.

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Although many annuals are sown in mid- to late-winter under cover, there are many options that can be started with no-till as early as spring (provided that the danger of frost has passed).

Flowers that can be sown in spring

If you are one of those who like start annual flowers from seed Instead of buying them at the store, here are several ideas that you can still plant in May…

1. Poppy

red wild poppy

Poppies are easy to grow. Once planted in well-drained soil, it will cover very quickly. Poppies do not transplant well, so they are only propagated by seeding.

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Sow it in April, when the soil is already warm.

2. Snapdragon

Antirrhinum majus - snapdragon care - plant bunnies

One of the best flowering plants to plant in early spring (or late winter) is Antirrhinum majus. They are very slow flowering plants, which only produce flowers 2-3 months after planting.

Snapdragons come in many different colors and heights. Some reach 120 cm in height, while the dwarf varieties are only a few centimeters.

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If watered well and fed regularly, they can flower well into the fall as well.

3. Calendula

Calendula officinalis 'Indian Prince'

Marigold thrives in raised beds, borders, rock gardens, pots, and window boxes. In the garden it is famous for repelling many insects. However, its flowers attract butterflies and pollinating insects.

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4. Zinia


It is one of my many favorite flowers, its great variety of colors makes it attractive in all gardens. The zinnia likes rich, well-drained soil. It loves the sun and warm exposures and does not tolerate sub-zero temperatures.

The zinnia is sown in spring, but keep in mind that it fears the cold, so it is sown indoors if the temperatures are below 18°C.

It can be used in flower beds, borders, but also in pots or planters.

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5. Sunflower


Sunflowers are easy to grow and are sure to put a smile on any gardener's face. These big beauties are ideal for large garden beds or along a fence, where they don't need to be staked.

Plant three seeds in a degradable pot and sow every fortnight for a constant supply.
Keep the stronger plants as they grow and remove the weaker ones, leaving only one strong plant that you can plant directly in the ground. They do not like to be disturbed by the roots.

6. Tagetes

Chinese Carnation or Moorish Carnation, CARE Tagetes patula

Often planted as a beneficial companion plant in the garden, Chinese carnations are versatile plants with surprisingly bright colors.

They can be grown just about anywhere as hardy, low-maintenance plants that only need the occasional cleaning to keep them blooming until the first frost.

They prefer full sun, becoming brittle and weak in the shade. Fortunately, they can be planted in poorer soil and still perform well.

7. Chinese Asters

china asters

Chinese asters are those that will give us flowers when almost all of them are extinct. It can bloom all summer and even part of the fall. It is also a great magnet for butterflies and pollinators.

Sow directly into the ground in late spring, once there is no risk of frost


Cosmos Plant Care and Cultivation

Cosmos are large garden annuals that bloom in bright pink, soft pink, and brilliant white for a lovely touch in the garden. There are also red, yellow, and chocolate-colored varieties.

Seeds take a little longer to germinate, but once in the garden it self-sows and will thrive in relatively poor soil. They are low maintenance plants that are also drought tolerant. The cosmos also needs good air circulation to avoid attracting pests and diseases.

Sow directly into the ground from April for temperate regions, after frost for other regions.

9. Sweet Pea

sweet peas

Sweet peas appreciate rich, deep, cool, consistent but draining soil, as well as full sun.

Varieties with red or purple flowers should be planted in partial shade because they turn pale when exposed to too much sunlight. Sowing in the ground can be done in April-May.



Bright blue lobelia is a joy in any garden, but lobelia also has pink, purple, white, and red variations. This plant is labeled as a perennial, but its tender nature makes it better as an annual.

It can be grown in full sun or partial shade, making it versatile in the garden. However, it does not do well in heat and will need more water to perform at its best.

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