10 Indoor Plants That Absorb Bad Energy

Plants can fulfill a decorative function, refresh the environment, transmit naturalness and even absorb bad energies, in the same way that they can attract fortune so that there is peace and harmony in the home.

They are capable of renewing the air and consolidating positive emotions. Therefore, we are going to know 10 indoor plants that absorb bad energy.

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The word Energy derives from the ancient Greek, ἐνέργεια, romanized: energeia, lit. 'activity, operation', possibly first appearing in Aristotle's work in the 4th century BC Unlike the modern definition, energeia it was a qualitative philosophical concept, broad enough to include ideas like happiness and pleasure.

1 Orchid in kokedama

Orchid in kokedama

The orchid provides positive energy at home, since its aroma conveys enthusiasm and lifts your spirits. At the same time, it helps to calm the soul, generates a calm and peaceful environment, purifies the air and brings good friends to the tenants of the house.

It can be planted in a pot, in the ground directly, in a pot or, for example, in kokedama. This Japanese technique is used to house the plant in an organic pot. Its meaning is "moss ball" and transmit serenity and peaceIn such a way that, for Feng Shui, it provides balance and harmony, helps us to get in touch with Mother Earth and generates emotional stability among family members, something that is essential to achieve health and well-being.

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2 Aloe vera

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera is another of the indoor plants that absorb bad energy.

In this case, it absorbs negativity in a wide perimeter of the home, introduces the sense of prosperity in people, transmits vitality and energy And, in the event that she withers, it is because she has offered all her protection for the family and has tried to show the best of herself.

3 Thyme



A country species that acts in a similar way to the previous one, but also offers other guarantees: clean the spaces of bad energy, attracts fortune, purifies the air, enriches people's self-esteem and helps to better sleep.

In addition, it becomes another resource for the protection of the home.

4 Lavender


It cannot be missing among the most recurring plants to clean the home atmosphere from bad vibes.

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Eliminate bad thoughts, end personal anguish, and generate positivity around you so that you can cope with depression. In other words, it manages to stop negative energies considerably.

5 Succulents


They neutralize radiation from appliances, but they also provide other benefits: they create a good atmosphere, purify bad thoughts, transmit positive emotions, make us more rational and loving, as well as guarantee well-being.

6 Rue


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Rue is another of the indoor plants that absorb bad energies that you have to know.

For added protection and to produce a more positive environment, this species is ideal. It removes bad people from the family environment and helps transmit calm and peace.

7 Agrimony


Among indoor plants that absorb bad energy, this species is not so well known, but it is very effective for ward off bad thoughts, depression, anguish and insomnia.

It helps us to have better self-esteem and favors good relationships.

8 Basil


Helps purify the home environment, drives away evil spirits, protects and attract fortune so that happiness reigns in the family.

9 Mint


The good aroma that it gives off helps us improve self-esteem and refresh the environment, in the same way that it stabilizes emotions and rejects bad vibrations, something essential if we want there to be joy and peace at home.

10 Eucalyptus


We finish this review of indoor plants that absorb bad energy by talking about eucalyptus and it is that, like the previous plant, eucalyptus generates an environment full of peace, harmony, joy and freshness.

It eliminates bad thoughts, does not allow evil to enter the home and offers a state of well-being and rest in all the space that surrounds it. One of the most common bad energy absorbing indoor plants.

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