10 Plants That Live Without Light (or Almost)

10 plants that live without light (or almost)

Plants love light and most of the time they need it. With rare exceptions ...

In fact, there are plants that are less demanding in terms of light and that will allow you to dress and decorate small dimly lit or even shady corners of your interior or garden.

The main thing is to be aware of their needs and the possible consequences on their growth, which can be slightly slowed down. 10 plants that live without light, or they hardly need it, it's here!

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The pilea peperomioides

Pilea peperomioides

The pilea, also known as "Chinese currency plant" (for its green bubble-shaped leaves that resemble coins) comes, as its name suggests, from China. It is a subtropical plant and therefore perfectly suited to indoor cultivation. This plant will quickly reach its adult size of about 30 cm.

The pilea cannot be exposed to direct light, as this will burn its foliage, especially in summer. It will appreciate a little light, but it is not very demanding.

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The aspidistra


The aspidistra is one of the oldest plants that are usually found in our homes. You may have seen it at flower shops, even if you don't know its name. It is used a lot in flower arrangements.

It is not difficult to grow and can be placed anywhere in your home. This plant is also prized for its group of shiny, lanceolate leaves. Aspidistra is a very hardy plant and can live in low light, although its growth rate will be affected.

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The Clivia

The clivia

This plant is very decorative thanks to its long, dark, ribbed leaves and its brilliant flowering. It does not like the cold and requires moderate maintenance. It will look great in any room where it is placed. Its brightly colored bell-shaped flowers are grouped on a stem for a very elegant effect.

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Clivia can live in the shade. However, it will not bloom if it is permanently or for too long in the shade. The foliage will not be affected.

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The ficus

The ficus

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The ficus is a very popular plant and commonly chosen for its various forms. It has very variable crops and needs. The one that is most often given, for example for a birthday or as a thank you for an invitation of some kind, is bonsai. They are very easy to care for and come in all sizes.

The ficus likes light, but if you gradually adapt it to less light, it will also tolerate shade very well. Its leaves will be darker and slightly change shape to adapt to the new environment.

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Ivy is a plant with a decorative foliage that easily and quickly covers the walls and partitions that you want to hide or dress. Its leaves have an attractive color. Once coated, you will love them all year round! Ivy adapts well to its environment and is usually very hardy.

It is often invasive, so you should always keep an eye on it if it is planted outside. Ivy is also a good houseplant. It prefers shade and will thrive in dark corners where other plants have been neglected.

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Fuchsia is a beautiful plant thanks to its abundant flowering and foliage, which varies greatly from one variety to another. The size of these flowers varies, as does their color. Fuchsia will gracefully adorn your little shady corners.

Originally, it grows at an altitude of 3,000 meters, mainly in Central and South America. This plant does not like direct light and prefers a position in semi-shade or even completely shaded.

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Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley

The lily of the valley, the famous little plant that is sold on May 1, is the symbol of happiness. Easy to recognize and find in the forest, the lily of the valley has oval leaves arranged in pairs around the twig and highly fragrant bell-shaped white flowers.

Lily of the valley is an understory plant and requires very little light and constant humidity. It will grow at the foot of tall trees and can quickly become invasive.

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Chlorophytum is an extraordinary plant. It is easy to care for and resistant. It is an excellent houseplant. It can be placed anywhere in any room. It is easily recognizable by its long, ribbed leaves, which give it the name "spider plant."

The Chlorophytum does not need direct light to live and adapts perfectly to the shade. The intensity of the color of its leaves will vary depending on the degree of light.

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Osmoxylon is an elegant plant with long, fine foliage arranged in a rosette around the stem. Her growing is very slowly.

It will enhance the place you have chosen to host it and will add a touch of exoticism. He prefers large rooms, such as a nice living room or a large office.

It is an easy plant to care for and does not require much light, so it can be placed almost anywhere ... The important thing for this is space!

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The mushroom

Button mushroom

The mushroom is well known as a tasty vegetable that accompanies many of our dishes. Raw or cooked, it has a lot of fans!

This plant is grown in the dark, mainly in cellars and quarries. It does not produce chlorophyll and therefore does not need light.

You can also grow mushrooms yourself in your basement or garage. You will love the pleasure of observing them, choosing them and knowing where they come from!

Nothing bad!

What do you think of this list of plants that live without light, or that at least need very little to survive? Give your stars !!!

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