13 Houseplants EASY To Care (Very Easy)

Want to add some greenery to your interior design, but don't have a green thumb? Do not worry, some easy-care indoor plants require little or no maintenance. A little water, light, love and that's it!

Thanks to these recommendations, you will know the essential needs of these plants and some simple tips to help them be their best. Beautify your home with beautiful sturdy plants and see life green. Here are 13 easy-to-care indoor plants.

Tips for These Easy-to-Care Indoor Plants

I have listed the easiest indoor plants to grow in ascending order. The first nine require little care, the others need a little more attention. But don't worry, taking care of these little treasures is easy and suitable for beginning gardeners.

How To Choose Indoor Plants That Will Survive In Your Home

Remember that to care for a plant, it is necessary know their natural environment so that we can respect your vital needs. Be attentive or attentive to the health of your roommate, they require very little care: good exposure, a little watering and a good location.

Refering to brightness, each variety of plant appreciates a minimum of sun, some love it, others a little less. Make sure you find the perfect exposure: bright or semi-shadow.

What's more, the frequency of irrigation varies according to the type of plant and the time of year. In winter, the plants are content with little water. To adequately meet this need, water them at the recommended frequency.

Finally, do not place your plants next to a heat source or a fan to prevent the air from drying out, which generally browns the tips of the foliage.

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This is the list of varieties:

      • The Sansevieria;
      • The Zamioculcas;
      • The Aspidistra
      • Cacti and euphorbia;
      • The ZZ Plant
      • The Opuntia;
      • The succulents;
      • The Ficus elastica;
      • The Ficus lyrata;
      • The Kentia;
      • The Areca
      • The Dracaena;
      • The Monstera.

Any of them you can get it easily both in physical stores and in online stores selling plants and flowers, for example: Interflora.

You have to lose a little fear of shopping for plants online (especially today in times that are due to the pandemic), the methods and times of shipping and care of the silver in its delivery have improved a lot over the years. Today, you can even receive your plant on the same day you order it.

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easy-care plants

Plants That Need Almost No Maintenance

Independent and resistant, las following varieties they are the best indoor plants. They require almost no maintenance, but they will make your home more beautiful in no time.

The Sansevieria and the Zamioculcas they have quite similar needs. These two generic varieties they adapt to all environments (light or shadow), but fear direct exposure to the sun's rays.

7 Rules For Caring For Indoor Plants In Winter

They do not tolerate excess water. Empty the excess from the pot so that it does not stagnate in the saucer. Watering should be moderate, as it can endanger their survival. In winter, remember to space your water supply. These are the irrigation frequencies:

  • For Sansevieria, every 10 to 15 days.
  • For the Zamioculcas, every 8 or 10 days.

The Aspidistra it's a plant practically indestructible It can cope with almost any condition. In an ideal world, it prefers low light. In autumn and winter, it hardly needs to be watered, once a month will be more than enough.

However, when the spring, starts to grow again and needs a little more water, every 10 days or so, in a moderate way. Resists drought very well, but ask for a bit of ambient humidity.

The Cactus, the euphoria, the Opuntia and the succulents Are the easier to care and, in addition, they are very fashionable at the moment. Native to the desert environment, they thrive in the sun and in rooms where the temperature is above 10 ° C or 12 ° C. Its need for water is very low.

For cacti and Opuntia, once or twice a month in summer and little or no water in winter.

For succulents, Crassula, Echeveria, Haworthia, twice a month in summer and only once in winter and fall.

The beauty of the plant ZZ (zamioculcas zamiifolia) resides in its very shiny leaves, which seem to have come directly from the forest. That gives a "little fresh air to the floor", right? And yet you don't need much; it will remain just as beautiful, even without light or water for months. So it is perfect for give life to a dark room.

Finally, the Ficus elastica and the Ficus lyrata they also require identical care. These easy-to-care indoor plants are very hardy and must be hydrated. once a week in small amounts. In winter, reduce the frequency to about 3 times a month to respect their vegetative rest.

Let the surface soil dry before watering again. Avoid excess water at all costs. As for the exhibition, please put them in bright or semi-shaded rooms, away from direct sunlight.

Hardy Plants That Need More Attention

The last 4 easy-to-care houseplant varieties require a bit more attention, but are still very easy to maintain. They will sublimate your interiors without too much stress. Are bulky and slim plants will make an impression in your living room, office or bedroom. The Kentia, the Areca, the Dracaena or the Monstera will grow both in the shade and in the light.

The kentia it is one of the few palm trees that tolerate the shade. Place it in a light or slightly shaded room. However, you have to be careful of do not place it near a heater or fan. Water it once or twice a week in summer and spring. Reduce the frequency in winter.

The Areca or Areca palm It offers us a beautiful light green cut foliage and also requires minimal maintenance, although responsible. A bright light, without direct sunlight, and a watering every 10 days in summer and spring they will come in handy. In winter, we reduce watering as in almost all plants. It likes the humidity, so make sure the air is not too dry.

The Dracaena prefers sunny exposures, but he does not like drafts. You also need a more regular water supply: approximately once a week in summer and twice a month in winter.

To Monstera does not like direct exposure to the sun's rays. Put it in a room luminous or semi-shade. It should be watered approximately once a week and more rarely in winter.

These irrigation frequencies give you a reference, but the most important thing is to hydrate your plants only if they need it. Touch the soil with your fingertips: if it has 2 to 3 cm of moisture, wait a few days before adding water. You can gently mist the leaves of these 4 varieties when the air is dry with non-calcareous water, if possible.

Whether you are a plant lover or a novice gardener, if you follow all these tips, your easy-care indoor plants will shine with their own light.

These varieties require little maintenance effort. Now you no longer have excuses for not welcoming a beautiful vegetable companion into your home. Adopt an ecological attitude and pamper your little protégés, they will give it back to you!

Nothing bad!

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