Anise Hyssop Flower Meaning and Symbolism

A member of the mint family, anise hyssop smells like anise and tastes a bit like licorice. A vivacious grower, this plant can be found growing wild throughout North America, where it is commonly used as a medicinal plant.

With a colorful history and an even more colorful modern appearance, anise hyssop is a plant with strong symbolism and inherent meaning.

What does anise hyssop mean?

Anise hyssop is known by the scientific name of Agastache foeniculum. This name is derived from the Greek "agan" and "stachys," which roughly translates to "a lot of wheat."

This name pays homage to the large spikes of blue or lavender flowers on this plant, which look a bit like a stalk of wheat. With more than 21 companion plants of the genus Agastacheanise hyssop is not a true anise or hyssop plant.

What does the hyssop anise flower symbolize?

Anise hyssop, with all its medicinal powers, is often believed to symbolize cleanliness. It has been used since ancient times to cleanse holy places and is burned as an essential oil to improve health.

In fact, some people even use hyssop to clean and disinfect their hives.. Not only is it a calming scent for bees, but it can encourage them to stay in the hives.

What is the cultural significance of the hyssop anise flower?

Unfortunately, there is very little recorded history when it comes to anise hyssop. While early Native Americans recorded medicinal uses of the plant, the rest of its history is murky.

The Chippewa people used a combination of elk mint and anise hyssop to treat ailments such as the common cold and chest pain. Anise hyssop contains numerous beneficial compounds that make it one of the best essential oils.

What is the symbolism of an anise hyssop tattoo?

An anise hyssop tattoo can have many meanings. Not only can it symbolize cleanliness and purity, but it can also be used to refer to sacrifice. With its purgative qualities, it can also be used to symbolize humility, penance, or even baptism. It is often used in religious tattoos to represent holiness and devotion.

When should you give someone an anise hyssop flower?

Anise hyssop is a better gift for gardeners. This mint-like herb attracts butterflies, bees, and other pollinators, making them a useful and attractive treat if you choose.

Although anise hyssop is not traditionally given in a bouquet, the flowers are considered ornamental and are often used in salads.. It can also be used to treat a variety of common health ailments, making it a wonderful plant to give someone as a "get well" gift.

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