Color combination and its effects in the garden

Color combination and its effects in the garden

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With the wide available range of colors of leaves, flowers and fruits, used with ingenuity and creativity, multiple decorative effects can be achieved in our garden.
The choice of colors is an extremely important factor.
In every good structure there is a dominant element complemented by others of lesser relief, and it is the whole that produces an interesting effect.
Green and its shades create the appropriate environment to highlight the shapes and colors of the various elements that make up the garden.

The luminosity marks the intensity of the colors. The light tones that are lost in full light, are favored in places of shadow by contrast. Violets and blues need intense light to come to life: in shady places they are not defined.
Shady corners of a patio or garden can be illuminated with warm-toned flowers.

Monochrome garden

The distribution of beds with uniform coloring is one of the simplest and most effective systems applied in small gardens or in certain areas of large gardens.
A neutral or slightly contrasted background enhances the chosen color. White flowers or gray-green leaves need a few hints of red or purple to add warmth.

Garden with red, violet and yellow flowers

The indiscriminate use of colors is justified in the beds of an informal garden. But if we want to build a more harmonious garden that has its own style, we can combine flowers of specific colors.
For example, if we want to build a garden monochrome, we can choose varieties of flowers of the same color.
We can create a romantic dream garden combining white, pink and purple flowers.
If, instead, we want to have a more cheerful and vibrant garden, we can put it together by choosing flowers from contrasting colors, like red, yellow and purple.
And if we want to achieve one more effect sober, we can choose colored flowers that are within the same range, like blues, lilacs and violets.

Garden with blue, lilac and violet flowers

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