Daffodil flower, spiritual meaning and symbolism

Meaning of the daffodil flower. When I think of daffodils, the first thing that comes to mind is spring. Long walks through the meadows, that fresh morning air that brings joy and tranquility, the symmetrical appearance of freshly cut grass and white and yellow daffodils. This is how I remember my childhood. I feel attached to such a delicate flower and its main meaning, a new beginning, is perfectly intertwined with the memories of my youth. Let's discover together the meaning and symbolism of the daffodil.

What do daffodils symbolize?

Daffodils are among the first flowers to break into snow after winter. They usually emerge in March or early April. That is why they are associated with the month of March and spring. Daffodils also represent other positive qualities:

  • Rebirth and rebirth
  • Hope
  • Joy
  • Endurance
  • Good luck and prosperity
  • Regards
  • Sorry

Meaning of the narcissus flower

We explain in detail about the various meanings and symbolisms of the daffodil flower:


At the end of the dark and cold winter, the daffodil bursts in, sometimes through the snow. In fact, along with crocuses, they are the first flowers that many people see in early spring. The daffodil blooms annually in March and early April and wakes up from a dormant bulb each year. Therefore, they are symbols of rebirth, renewal and new beginnings.


Symbolizing new beginnings and rebirth, the meaning of the daffodil also includes hope. Even after the darkest and coldest winter, the daffodil shows us that nature will be reborn and life will continue.


The daffodil is not only a symbol of hope and rebirth, it also represents pure joy. They are cheerful flowers that remind us to have fun, enjoy life, and appreciate the simple things that make us happy.


The daffodil bulb can withstand freezing temperatures. Sleepy in winter, it comes alive again in spring. Hence, the narcissus is a powerful symbol of overcoming obstacles and recovering from difficulties.

Good luck and prosperity

With their golden color, daffodils also symbolize good luck and prosperity. Thus, seeing the first daffodil in early spring can be a sign that you will have good luck in financial matters.


Although they are symbols of renewal and new beginnings, daffodils also remind us of how far we have come. In addition, they represent positive memories and a thank you for not forgetting the special people in your life and the wonderful experiences in life.


Just as they symbolize hope and rebirth, the meanings of daffodils also include forgiveness. Daffodil flowers are an affirmation that you acknowledge a mistake, that you hope to be forgiven, and that you want to start a new relationship.

Meaning of the color of daffodils

The daffodil flower blooms in white and yellow colors. There are some variations of these two colors, but they are best known for these two specific colors.

Daffodils can also be a combination of orange and yellow or even orange and white.

Meaning of the yellow daffodil

The color yellow represents many positive qualities, such as joy, optimism, and prosperity. Therefore, yellow daffodils are perfect gifts if you want to cheer someone up or wish them good luck. They also bring happiness to your home or garden.

Meaning of white daffodil

White flowers symbolize purity, innocence, and a new beginning. Because of this, many brides wear white bouquets. White daffodils are a good choice for a late winter wedding or the birth of a new baby, as they represent a new beginning.

Orange daffodil symbolism

Orange daffodils symbolize courage, enthusiasm, well-being and friendship. So they are the perfect flowers to give to someone in need of a boost, facing a new and challenging situation, or trying to overcome a health challenge.

Meaning of the pink daffodil

Pink daffodils are coral or salmon in color. Botanists create this color by injecting red hues into the existing base of yellow daffodils.

Pink daffodils symbolize love, but usually the platonic variant. That is why they are a precious gift for friends and family. They are also ideal for new romantic relationships.

Daffodil spiritual meaning

Daffodils in the Bible, Judaism, and Christianity

According to the translation, the "mother flower" of the narcissus is mentioned in the Bible. (It is sometimes translated as saffron.) For example, Isaiah 35: 1-2 speaks of the hope and optimism these beautiful spring flowers represent:

“The desert and the parched land will rejoice; the desert will rejoice and flourish.

Like the daffodil / crocus, it will burst into flower; he will rejoice very much and shout for joy ”.

Some historians believe that the rose of Saron mentioned in the Bible was a flower similar to daffodils. In fact, legend has it that a daffodil blossomed in Gethsemane to comfort the recently betrayed Jesus just before his crucifixion.

Daffodils are common flowers even during the Easter season. Not only are they seasonal, but Christians naturally associate them with the resurrection of Jesus as symbols of rebirth and renewal.

Daffodils in mythology and folklore

It's easy to forget that many of the flowers we enjoy today have existed for thousands of years. They are said to be native to Portugal and Spain, but daffodils have been important to many cultures that existed long before ours.

Daffodils in ancient Egypt

The Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II is said to have been buried with narcissus bulbs. And daffodil crowns have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs.

The daffodil in Europe

As daffodils usually bloom in late winter, during the run-up to Easter, the English call them "Lenten Lilies" or "Lenten Lilies." Daffodils, like roses, are indeed a very English flower.

In Wales, daffodils are the national flower. The time of year when daffodils bloom coincides with the death of Saint David, the patron saint of Wales. The Feast of Saint David is celebrated each year on March 1 to commemorate the saint's death.

Meaning of Chinese daffodils

In China, daffodils symbolize prosperity and happiness. They also symbolize new beginnings when daffodils bloom around the Chinese New Year. This is why daffodils are common New Year gifts for Chinese people.

Also, yellow was an important shade in Imperial China. The Chinese associate golden yellow with their emperors. Therefore, daffodils have important cultural meanings in Chinese history.

When to give daffodils

Gifting daffodils is a sure way to brighten up any day, as they are one of the most popular spring flowers. Here are some ideas for daffodil gift occasions:

A bouquet of daffodils is a loving gift for anyone recovering from illness, injury, or surgery.

As a symbol of a new beginning, daffodils are a perfect gift for the early stages of a romantic relationship, before the passionate rose phase.

Daffodils are also great gifts to rekindle a romance or friendship, or when you need to apologize.

Additionally, daffodils are a lovely way to celebrate the birth of a child, a wedding, or a housewarming ceremony in late winter or early spring.

Meaning of daffodil tattoos

A daffodil tattoo can represent any of the symbols described in this post. And the best of flower tattoos? You will probably never regret getting one.

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