Desert rose, spiritual meaning and symbolism of its flowers

The Desert Rose (Adenium obesumlisten)) is the common name for a perennial flowering plant in the botanical family Apocynaceae. The desert rose is a very popular and appreciated ornamental shrub.

The flowers are usually pink or red. They measure about 5 cm long and can reach almost 7 cm in diameter. Adenium hybrids have flowers in a wider range of colors, including white, yellow, lilac, and violet. The edges of the petals usually have a stronger shade. The flowers of some hybrids have an almost black border. The color fades towards the neck (flower tube). The leaves are few, spirally arranged, green, ovate, leathery and shiny. The stiff stems gradually taper upwards.

Despite its name, the desert rose is not a rose. The plant is not related to the rose family. The flowers are not shaped like any variety of roses. The plant also has no thorns.

Etymology of the scientific name of the desert rose

The genus name Adenium derives from the flower's Latinized Arabic name, oddaejn. This word is a local geographical reference for the place where this plant was found. Some sources mention a linguistic link with the word is Adean, the old name of the region of Yemen. The specific botanical name obesum translates to swollen or obese, and is an obvious allusion to the shape of the plant's trunk.

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Desert Rose Flower Symbolism

The Chinese name of desert rose flower It is fuguihua: fu means rich or abundant, gui is majestic, and hua is a flower. It is a flower of prosperity, or a plant of wealth. Like the great belly of Laughing Buddha, the bulging basal stem of the desert rose is also seen as a sacred symbol of fertility, prosperity, abundance, and good fortune. Traditionally, the larger the trunk, the greater the wealth and abundance.

According to feng shui principles, the desert rose is an auspicious flower for any home. According to a widespread Thai belief, the best way to harness the energies of this flower is to plant it in the southeastern part of your residence on a Wednesday. In India, the desert rose flower has spread and become popular in the last fifty years. It is considered a lucky and lucky flower.

Because the desert rose plant is strong and adaptable to harsh weather conditions, it is a symbol of strength, endurance, and endurance. It is also a symbol of hope in times of drought. The red rose plant, whether in its natural habitat or as a collector's item, is highly prized for its aesthetic appeal. The flowers of the desert rose have been compared to crystals of red fire.

In Dietz's book «The complete language of flowers«, attributes the following symbolic meaning to the flower of the desert rose: death, deception, fiction and illusion. These attributes are popularly attributed to poisonous plants, and the desert rose is no exception. The milky sap of the desert rose in particular is highly toxic. It was used as a fish poison and arrow poison by indigenous peoples in many African regions, including Mozambique and South Africa.

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In the tradition of many Asian countries such as China and Thailand, the colorful flowers of the desert rose represent money, luck, and prosperity in all aspects. For this reason, the most desirable varieties of a desert rose plant are those with reddish or pink flowers.

Pink is the most common color of desert rose - most varieties of the plant have bright pink petals. The edges of the petals are usually darker, while the center of the flower is a much lighter shade (often white).

The desert rose is usually kept in a pot. It brings peace, happiness and prosperity to the living space. Another symbolic meaning of this flower is rejuvenation. This importance stems from the fact that the desert rose flower can thrive in less than optimal conditions. The flower rejuvenates after a winter dormancy.

Most white desert rose flowers are not pure white and their petals contain stripes or markings of another color. In recent years, some gardeners in Asia have succeeded in growing white desert rose varieties. White is a symbol of purity and Buddhism in Thailand, death and the unknown in China, and the spirit world in many African communities. The meaning of the white flower of the desert rose depends largely on the local cultural context. It remains to be seen if white desert roses will become more popular and in demand in the coming years.

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The black desert rose flower is a hybrid plant that can usually be bicolor (with the edges of the petals of a flower of a different color). A flower nursery in Thailand has succeeded in developing completely purple and black desert rose hybrids.

Some interesting facts about the flower of the desert rose

The bulging roots of the desert rose store water: The stem and bulging branches of the desert rose plant, which tolerates drought, serve as a storage reservoir, necessary in the dry Saharan deserts.

The desert rose is a semi-perennial plant. It drops its leaves when it is cold, during transplanting or when sunlight is greatly reduced. May go into torpor for several months during winter or dry spells. Torpor can last from a few weeks to six months.

The only means of propagation in nature is the seed. Cuttings and transplants are used in horticulture and commercial production.

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On the island of Socotra, goats once decimated much of the native vegetation. Desert rose plants, however, have escaped the threat. What protects them is their poisonous sap, which is poisonous to many species of animals. For this reason, pet owners are also advised to take the necessary precautions when keeping a desert rose plant in their home. Adenia is dangerously toxic to horses, dogs and cats. Ingested in large quantities, the plant can also be poisonous to humans.

The desert rose is widespread as a potted plant and is often used for bonsai, especially the Adenium multiflorum variety. It only takes five years to turn the fast-growing seedling into a bonsai tree. The desert rose bonsai has a very attractive appearance and a statuesque shape. This is due to the huge swollen roots, which often twist and form interesting shapes. The shape of the plant is often compared to that of a miniature baobab tree.

Desert roses are grown in nurseries and botanical gardens around the world. Some of the best specialized nurseries for exotic plants and succulents are located in Thailand and Taiwan. They have produced cultivars and hybrids of Adenium with multiple (two or three) layers of petals. Some of these desert rose blooms are bicolor, tricolor, or contain complex stripes and patterns.

When to give a desert rose

This unusual and visually stunning flower makes a luxurious gift. It can be gifted to the most discerning flower connoisseurs and is sure to impress.

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The desert rose flower brings luck and abundance. This makes them a perfect gift for any business or someone starting something new in life - a new career, job, or business venture. When given for this purpose, a red or pink flowered variety is preferable.

A desert rose is an excellent pick-me-up for anyone who needs a little happiness in their life. It can be given to a friend who is about to have an exam, quiz or job interview.

The desert rose flower can be gifted to families who are moving to a new home and want a stable, resilient, prosperous and prosperous home.

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