Elderberry - a flower

Viburnum and honeysuckle are their cousins. The elderberry and its flower are a rich source of flavonoids and ingredients with hard-to-pronounce names. What does that mean?
This means that: infusions seal and strengthen blood vessels, dilate coronary vessels, improving blood circulation within the heart. They facilitate expectoration, reduce fever, have a diaphoretic effect. They increase the excretion of harmful metabolic products.
Make yourself a 'weed mate«(Pour boiling water over the flowers) when you are tired:
cough, bronchitis, runny nose, colds, infectious diseases, fever, fragility of the blood vessels (spider veins on the thighs and cheeks), urinary tract insufficiency or when you want to try something special

When the bags or dark circles under the eyes, the lilac compress will restore their beauty.
Sand in the eyes, bites and stings - lilac compress will restore your health
Young mother suffers from feeding - lilac compress will bring relief.
Teen punished by acne: lilac compress will free her from tightness
Unwanted discoloration on the skin - the lilac compress will take care of them

Do you regret that it is so short, so small and that it does not bloom in winter? Dr. Różański has a way of doing this:

Elderflower syrup

Collect 2 8 l buckets of lilac flowers, grind with a meat grinder, pour in 10-12 l of water and cover with 4-5 packets of citric acid, bring to a boil and reserve overnight. Then strain. Heat, add 5-6 kg of sugar, mix. Pour into bottles or jars washed and rinsed with hot water, and cover with a gasket while hot. Wait for the lids to close. store in a dark and cool place. The syrup is perfect to drink and as a complement to tea, diluted with spa water. Tonic, rich in flavonoids, vitamins, potassium and phytosterols, excellent for coughs, weakness and as a metabolism regulator.

And I did, I drank all winter and came here in good health.

And when hunger looks into your eyes, the lilac flower will feed your family and the recipe can be found on my blog Aga Radzi

ATTENTION! Beautiful, fragrant, and tempting though - never eat it raw!


Image source: Wikipedia

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