Flower color meaning

In general, we can say that the color red is a symbol of attention, lifts the spirits and therefore is considered a passionate color. It is a suitable color to express enthusiastic and communicative joy. It is the most exciting of colors and can signify passion, excitement, action, aggressiveness, and danger.

Yellow, for its part, is a bright, cheerful color that stimulates memory. It is the color of summer and the sun, so when you are sad or long for summer, the presence of flowers of this color can help to lift your spirits.It always radiates everywhere and above all things, it is the color of light and can mean selfishness, jealousy, envy, hatred, adolescence, laughter and pleasure.

Blue is a cool and relaxing color. It is the color of the sky and the sea. It is a reserved color that seems to be moving away. It can express trust, reserve, harmony, affection, friendship, fidelity and love.

Pink is the feminine color par excellence, it calms the nerves, so they are very suitable gifts for nervous people. The popular saying that says: “you see everything in pink”, faithfully reflects its meaning: naivety, goodness, tenderness, good feeling and the absence of all evil.

Purple or violet is a dramatic, flashy, and unusual color. It is the most used color among lawyers, clergymen and psychiatrists, so it would not be a bad gift for them. It is the color that indicates absence of tension. It can mean calm, self-control, dignity, aristocracy, but also violence, premeditated aggression, or deception.

White, symbol of purity. This color is associated with cleanliness and also with future times, what is to come. It is the light that is diffused (the non-color).

Express the idea of ​​innocence, peace. childhood, divinity, absolute stability, calm and harmony. However, it is a contradictory color since for the East it is the color that means death.

The language of flowers

All flowers have their own language, and with each one of them we can transmit a different message. Since ancient times, flowers have been a way to make known and transmit feelings of many kinds. The language of flowers has its origins in the East and has been transmitted from generation to generation and from culture to culture, passing through Ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, etc. until it reached Romanticism, a time when it reached its peak. apogee.

There is a language associated with flowers and for every occasion. For example, the red rose is synonymous with love, the yellow with friendship, the white with fear, etc. Other examples: the white daisy symbolizes innocence and purity, so it is related to childhood; the gardenia means joy, the orange blossom, chastity, the tulip, desperate love if it is yellow and a subtle declaration of love if it is red; the carnation signifies distinction and nobility, and the lily, innocence, purity and joy.

But we must not only take into account the flower itself. The way of presenting this gift is also important, so that if we give a bouquet of flowers, the bow indicates to whom the sentiments expressed in the bouquet refer, that is, if the tie is located on the left, it means that the feelings expressed they refer to the sender, while if it goes to the right, they refer to the recipient. In addition, the message changes depending on the position of the flower and whether it is open or on a button. In this way, a flower with the stem upwards means a gesture of evil, of stabbing rags.

For all this, flowers cannot be given lightly, since three aspects must be considered: what each one represents, what we want to communicate and what is the preferred flower of the person to whom we are going to give away. At the same time, we must not underestimate the importance of flower color, since it can provoke certain attitudes and emotions that affect the depths of the human mind.

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