Fresh and Natural Looking Freeze Dried Flowers

Among the decoration trends, there is trying to replicate the season of the year that we attend indoors, so we can add small touches and elements that convey the climate outside, for example, using vibrant colors in spring and many fresh flowers , or, as now, using earthy and reddish tones that convey Autumn.

Ideas to put your house in "autumn mode" with freeze-dried flowers

With the mercury going down little by little, the urge to go into crucible mode grows! Although winter is still missing, the weather turns a little cooler and it is the right time to start transforming your interior décor and create a nice warm and welcoming melting pot.

Plant and Combine Biannual Flowers

Do you want to create an ultra cozy space right now? Well let's get to it!

Within these small accessories or "decorative touches" we undoubtedly have the bouquets and floral compositions, since as nature lovers, we know the pleasure that we get from having plants and flowers around us.

Living in an apartment (as is my case nowadays), and with lighting that is not enough for me, I have had to look for some alternatives, and the truth is I have found one that I have loved.

These are the compositions with preserved or lyophilized flowers made by the Florist in Seville Pulgar Verde through which I can have an almost natural autumn decoration without the need for good lighting, or watering, or ambient humidity.

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The lyophilization It is a technique that consists of freezing the natural flowers and then extracting all the moisture from them. This procedure achieves an appearance very similar to that of fresh flowers. The original shape, structure and color of the flowers are preserved at their best and with good care can last a lifetime.

Inside the advantages of using flowers lyophilized In our compositions and in decoration, it is that they have a useful life of several years without added water or nutrients and, above all, there is little or no difference in appearance between freeze-dried and fresh floral compositions.

In addition, they are available all year round, without seasons, without temperature differences and without price fluctuations.


So that we can represent autumn at home, it is important to decide for warm and earthy colors, among them we can mention:

Different Types Of Flowers To Decorate The Garden
  • Ocher
  • Terracotta
  • Ivory
  • Cinnamon
  • Color tea with milk
  • Toasted orange
  • Dark reds
  • Cognac
  • Brown and Beige
  • Yellow mustard

Imagine the Canadian Maple trees and you will have your range of perfect colors there !!

The species

If we are talking about autumn, not only the colors matter, but also the variety of flowers and plants chosen, here is a small list of what species your compositions can contain:

  • Chrysanthemums
  • Dahlias
  • Anemones
  • Asters
  • Blue Mistflower and Agerato
  • Russian sage
  • Boltonia
  • Solidago or rod of Saint Joseph
  • Muhlenbergia
  • Sedum
  • Pampas or Pampas herbs

Bouquets and Compositions

With all the introduction done, we present several ideas to awaken your inspiration, when looking at each photo, imagine them in the different corners of the house

bouquets and arrangements with freeze-dried flowers

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bouquets and arrangements with freeze-dried flowers

bouquets and arrangements with freeze-dried flowers3

bouquets and arrangements with freeze-dried flowers6

Other accessories that you can add to your autumn decoration:

Of course, it is not only about bouquets and floral compositions, a decoration that is worth its salt must be accompanied by other accessories, here are some ideas to complement our freeze dried flowers.

How the flowers united us in confinement

Cushions in earth tones, ocher and ivory

Change your cushion covers to give them a "second life" while giving your decor a whole new look. (You can save your most summery looking covers for next summer!) warm colors to create an ultra cozy atmosphere!

blankets and cushions

Woven blankets in earth colors

There is nothing like soft fabrics to create a more welcoming environment. Go for extra soft blankets, cushions, and even rugs. The idea is to create a cozy haven where you can snuggle up on cool fall afternoons.

Autumnal Scented Candles

candles scented with autumn spices

There is nothing like a candle with the sweet aroma of autumn spices to create a warm atmosphere. If you're not necessarily a fan of pumpkin or cinnamon scents, apple, fig, and eucalyptus scents can also help bring a "fall air" to your home.


The smoked glass vases They have a vintage look and are perfect to put your pampas that are so fashionable today. Use alone or in groups of 2 or 3 to create a beautiful visual impact.

smoked glass vases

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