Garden care in winter

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Although winter is a time of lethargy for plants, where they take the opportunity to take a break after having gone through the summer season, with the waste of energy they have needed to beautify our gardens with colorful flowers and seed production, there are some activities which is advisable to do at this time to help our plants cope with low temperatures and arrive in optimal conditions next spring.
Here are some tasks that must be done to take care of the garden in winter that will help us to achieve this purpose successfully.

Winter Garden

Space irrigation

During winter, plants need less water and nutrients.
The frequency of irrigation should be spaced during the winter, but also, it is important to do it in the hottest hours of the day.

If the night before a frost has fallen, it should be watered only near the base, since the branches will be covered with a cold humidity that will worsen when watering, exposing our plant to an excess of refrigeration.

If we have trees such as citrus in our garden, it may be necessary to partially cover them with some mesh on colder days.

Prune diseased or dry branches and leaves

The pruning of the plants should be done when they have completed their flowering phase, so that the autumn-winter season is ideal.
It is important to remove the dry leaves and branches, and take advantage of it to shape our plants, thus taking care that they grow excessively and can be renewed in spring.

Protect the roots with organic debris

For more delicate plants, a kind of organic "cushion" can be made near the roots to protect them from frost.
This cover can be made with dry leaves, gravel, small decorative stones or needles, all materials that are available in the nursery.

Not only will they protect the roots of delicate plants such as orchids or azaleas, but they will also add a decorative detail to the pots.

Improve soil condition

Before the arrival of spring, the state of the soil can be improved by adding nutrients that will give our plants the necessary energy to resume their life cycle.
An amount of organic compost can be added to the soil, and used to aerate and crush the clods of earth that have been parched or compacted, so that in the face of hot days, our plants have guaranteed adequate hydration.

There are certain plants, such as cacti, that do not withstand extremely low temperatures outdoors, so it will be necessary to place them indoors to shelter them during the colder months.

That is why it is important to identify the plants that we have in our gardens, to be able to effectively carry out the tasks of caring for the garden in winter, and that they spend many seasons with us.


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