Honkenia Arena

Sand Honkenia is a plant of the carnation family, it likes beaches in temperate and sub-arctic zones, it does not disdain the Baltic Sea either. It can be found throughout the sandy coastline, although its highest concentrations are found on the islands of Usedom and Wolin.

It contains large amounts of vitamin A and C, and is used as a vegetable in the Far North. It can be pickled, soaked in whey, and fermented in a liqueur, as it is made in Iceland, or mixed with reindeer fat and wild blueberries in an Inuit ice cream recipe. Following the example of the Danes, it can simply be blanched and used as an accompaniment to seafood dishes in expensive restaurants. You can also eat it raw, it tastes a little sour, a little sour and a little cucumber. Preferably before flowering, that is now. Pickles such as cucumbers, one tablespoon of salt per liter of water.

honkenia arena

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