Horse chestnut - flowers.

Chestnut flower.
Each of us can easily recognize the herbal raw material Hippocastani flos - chestnut blossom. Flowering chestnuts are ingrained in our culture as a symbol of the May and high school exams. Let's add the great healing properties - they strengthen and seal the blood vessels, which means it can be used in the treatment / prevention of varicose veins and leathery skin. They improve cerebral circulation and prevent atherosclerosis.

Difficulties: how to get to the flowers that are closer to the clouds, what to our hands? Obtaining the raw material is very cumbersome. And when you manage to harvest the chestnut flowers, dry them in a dark place. It is an unstable material and sensitive to light.

You can prepare a plan from freshly harvested flowers: pour 100 g of fresh flowers over 500 g of mulled wine. Let stand for 14 days, strain. Ready intrakt take 15 ml twice a day.

Dandelion flowers

The word "intrakt" denotes a type of alcoholic herbal tincture, where the hot liquid is poured over the fresh (not dried) raw material.

horse chestnut, recipe source: łuskiewnik blog

Calendula is also useful for skin care, and here is a list of 15 herbs that prevent varicose veins.

Inez Herbiness

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