How the flowers united us in confinement

Without a doubt, we have been traveling one of the most unusual years that not even in our wildest fantasies we could imagine. A virus that has been cruel to the whole world, that has put the most advanced health systems in check and that has made us live loneliness in a strange and new way, to which I believe almost no one was used to.

bouquet of flowers during covid Luckily we are going through the 21st century and we have a tool that has allowed us to walk through confinement less alone: Internet.

The secret language of flowers

And that, added to the companies that have online presence, we have been able to "hug" with those we love and could not see in person.

A few days ago there was a fact that caught my attention and, therefore, I am motivated to write this note and share it with all of you: one of the items (outside the medical and food field) that was used the most in Spain during that period of confinement because of COVID-19 was the florists. Some companies (such as TeleRosa, among others) increased their online flower ordering and they filled hundreds of houses and people with color and illusion: mothers, grandparents, couples ...

Without a doubt, the power advantage buy flowers online It allowed us show our love and reduce the distances and the feeling of feeling alone and somehow abandoned, especially considering that in those months both Mother's Day and Saint Jordi were celebrated.

But flower shipments were not limited to those particular special dates, throughout the declared confinement due to the pandemic, flowers traveled from here to there throughout Spain, occupying a privileged place amid so much fear and uncertainty that we were experiencing.

Meaning and symbolisms of passion flowers

We already know that flowers have "that wonderful magic" that makes us suddenly smile, even on our worst days, that we feel loved and missed, valued and grateful.

Who has not experienced those sensations when receiving a bouquet of flowers? Above all, when we receive it suddenly, without there being a special reason, like that, out of nowhere, simply because they want make us feel like they think of us, that we are important. And no matter the size of the bouquet, the type or the color, flowers (however simple they are) always achieve their objectives when it comes to showing love.


It has been a tough and extremely long months that have forced us (and I hope they do) to reassess the things that are really important: the freedom to move around, physical contact at all levels, being healthy and surely other things that each one on a personal level will have been able to consider and value.

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Unfortunately, although we are not currently confined here in Spain, the virus has not gone away and we will have to live with him a while longer that is why it is important that we do not lose sight of the things that really matter.

So, if you haven't already, what are you waiting for !? Send a bouquet of flowers! Sure there is a special person out there who needs to feel your love.


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