How To Choose Indoor Plants That Will Survive In Your Home

Who among us does not dream of a greener and fresher home? Well, we have an alternative to achieve it quite quickly: Plants. Know how to choose indoor plants correctly (for our house) it will give vitality, freshness and well-being to any home.

First tip before moving on: If we are going to buy indoor plants in an online store, it is super important that we already have a predefined idea of ​​what we want to buy, since usually, a fast exchange of information that advises us in a personalized way is not usual, although there are exceptions such as the Homy Jungle store, among others.

But let's see in more detail, the advice that we have prepared for each of us to know how to choose indoor plants that can survive in our spaces and achieve the goal we seek.

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How to choose indoor plants

Even if you don't have a large garden or outside space to house plants and flowers, each house must have its own green corner reserved. This is possible thanks to indoor plants, specific types of plants that can withstand low light and humidity conditions.

Indoor plants make home environments more welcoming and can improve them by filling empty spaces, with the same function as home accessories. decor. Too help purify the air naturally, with large health benefits.

Last but not least, gardening helps reduce stress and anxiety levels- A break from the frenzy of work and daily life that is good for the body and soul.

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Factors to evaluate when choosing a plant

choice of indoor plants

When looking for the answer on how to choose indoor plants, there are many factors to consider. First of all, you should start by evaluating your own experience in the field of gardening.

For those who are in their first steps, the advice is to orient themselves towards plants that are hardy and easy to maintain. It is best to gradually test your skills and find out whether or not you have a green thumb before harvesting innocent victims, and above all to avoid feeling bad.

In addition to the experience factor, it is essential carefully evaluate the lighting conditions, temperature and humidity of the rooms destined to house our plants and flowers.

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When visiting a nursery (whether online or conventional), it's hard to resist the temptation to take home the most spectacular and fragrant specimen. This understandable temptation, however, must be avoided: before buying a new plant, one must find out the ideal conditions to grow it, to know if it is suitable for our apartment or not.

Light is undoubtedly the decisive element on which to base our choices. In a well-lit home, you can also opt for flowering plants such as orchids and begonias, while non-flowering evergreens will do better in semi-shade. For this reason, you should choose a plant according to the lighting for which it is intended.

It should come as no surprise that many indoor plants are of tropical origin. In tropical rainforests, in fact, the part closest to the ground remains in the shade, covered by the tallest trees, and retains a lot of moisture, conditions that somehow resemble those of a house.

Another element to consider when knowing how to choose indoor plants is the presence of animals in the house: some plantsIn fact, even though they are harmless to humans, they can be toxic for our four-legged friends.

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One final consideration must be made regarding the time to dedicate to caring of plants in the house: for those who are often away from home, the ideal choice is represented by succulent plants, which are very fashionable lately.

What indoor plants to choose?

Now we talk about the most versatile and resistant types of indoor plants.

Indoor plants with flowers

Indoor flowering plants bring a touch of color and liveliness to the home. Here are the best options:

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ORCHIDThis tropical plant needs a lot of light filtered by curtains, water once a week and temperatures not lower than 16/18 ° in winter.

BEGONIAIt does not require much care, but it does require excellent exposure to light and temperatures between 15 and 18 °.

SPATIFILLO, the beautiful white flowers and the bright pointed leaves make it beautiful to observe, the ideal temperature is 21 ° and the soil always moist

AFRICAN VIOLET, small but very decorative, it is suitable for a humid and very bright environment.

Bromeliad, better known as "living room pineapple" for its large central red or orange flower.

Easy to care plants_ succulent plants (2)

Easy-to-care plants: succulents

Very fashionable and very easy to care for, succulents make a good impression in every home. Some recommendations:

ECHEVERIA, the classic succulent indoor plant, small and very hardy with yellow flowers in summer

SEDUM BURRITO, perhaps the most beautiful indoor succulent plant, suitable for creating surprising compositions

CHRISTMAS CACTUS, highly decorative, blooms in autumn and continues to bloom for several weeks.

ZEBRA CACTUS, belonging to the Aloe family, with triangular and fleshy leaves striped in white

SANSEVIERIA, very adaptable and easy to grow at home, with long, pointed leaves that develop in height.

ALOE, lush all year round, loves temperatures between 20 and 30 ° and sunny environments.

Easy to care plants_ succulent plants (2)

Perennial houseplants

For those looking for a green home all year round, these perennials are perfect:

KENTIA, a small palm tree that grows tall, resistant and suitable for dark environments.

POTHOS, a vine of tropical origin, can be placed on a piece of furniture and allowed to grow in a cascade.

DRACENA, also called "trunk of happiness", it is a palm tree that is easy to grow.

ZAMIOCULCASIt belongs to the succulent family and is the perfect plant for those who do not have a green thumb, because it must be watered only once or twice a month.

Perennial houseplants (2)

Hardy houseplants

For those who have no idea of ​​gardening, but still want to be able to have a little green indoors, here are two very resistant plants that are easy to grow.

FICUS BENJAMINA, a decorative indoor plant with shiny green leaves

PHILODENDRON, native to the tropical regions of South America, it is a hardy plant suitable for humid climates.

Hardy houseplants (2)

With these categories or subdivisions in mind, the know how to choose indoor plants that are the most appropriate to your needs and your spaces, allows you a fairly quick and easy answer. So, are you ready to fill your house with greenery?

Nothing bad!

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