How To Make Bouquets Of Flowers In A Few Steps And Easy

Are you looking for ideas on how to make flower bouquets? Making your own is not only fun, but it saves you a lot of money, especially if you have a garden with cut flowers. In addition, making your own bouquet allows you to personalize it and make it unique for you or for the recipient.

Whether you want a bouquet for a special occasion or a simple gift, these tips will help you create the perfect bouquet. Read on to find out how to make flower bouquets in just a few steps.

Plants And Flowers Time

Gather your materials to make a bouquet

  • Flowers: This is a no-brainer, but choose your favorite flowers to use in the bouquet.
  • Scissors: They will be needed to clean the stems while you create the bouquet handle.
  • floral ribbon: It will help you keep the bouquet in place once you have placed the flowers.
  • decorative tape: Placing a decorative ribbon around the bouquet will give it a unique and special touch.
  • Wrapping paper or cloth (optional): If you want to make the most important bouquet, you can wrap it with tulle or cellophane, both can be obtained in different colors.

How to choose flowers

Choose seasonal flowers at your local store to make them the freshest and best looking. Also, in-season flowers often cost less, since they don't have to be transported from another destination and are readily available.

If you already have the flowers in your gardenalways cut them very early in the morning, choose the youngest.

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If you are thinking of making bouquets for an event, and you need special flowers, avoid last minute stress, make sure to place your order about two months before the event to ensure that the flowers you want are in stock. Then, schedule delivery or pickup two to three days before the event. In addition, we recommend that you order more flowers than you may need, in case you make a mistake along the way.

Florist Tip: Buy your flowers a week before your event if they are in tight buds, such as freesias or lilies, as they need time to open up and look their best.

prepare your flowers

Once you've gathered your materials and chosen your flowers, we're ready to go! Put everything on a workstation, like a table. Next, make sure you've removed any excess foliage from the stem.

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remove foliage for bouquet

Cut stems evenly

Next, cut off all the leaves and excess foliage on the part of the stem where you are going to tie the bouquet. This will create a more comfortable handle to carry.

Florist Tip: Consider put a mirror in front to your workplace so that you can get a better idea of how the bouquet will look in the eyes of others.

organize your flowers

Once you have finished preparing the bouquet, you will have to decide how to arrange flowers.

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  • Choose two to four flowers to use as the focal point or base of the bouquet.
  • Add more flowers around the base of the bouquet.
  • Do this by continually turning the bouquet and adding stems until the arrangement is the desired size.

you can even add additional greenery and foliage sprigs to give the bouquet an extra dimension. Also be sure to leave 4 to 6 inches of stem exposed at the bottom so you can put them in water.

Florist Tip: As you add more stems to your bouquet, be sure to position them in the same direction to create a spiral effect.

Secure your bouquet

Once the flowers are arranged to your liking, secure the stems just below the flowers with the floral tape to make sure everything stays in place. This will give your bouquet the extra support it needs before adding the final touches. If there are excess stems at the bottom, feel free to cut them down to the desired length.

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Place the finished bouquet in a vase with fresh water. When it's time for your event, your bouquet will be ready and will look the same as when you bought the flowers.

Florist Tip: Before the event, avoid placing the bouquet in direct sunlight, as this will cause the petals to wilt. Instead, put it in a cool, dark space.

Decorate the bouquet handle

It's time for fun! The day of the event or gift, personalize your bouquet and add a decorative ribbon to the handle.

Be sure to wrap the tape completely around the bouquet so that the floral tape underneath is completely hidden. Secure it in place by simply tying it off. If you'd like it to be more secure, feel free to hot glue or pin the tape.

Florist Tip: Make sure the decorative tape is parallel to the floral tape.

Now, if you wish, you can wrap your bouquet to give it even more importance! Usually the bouquets can wrapped in tulle, cellophane or even tissue paper or cardboardIt's all about taste here.

Here are two videos in which you will see step by step how to make bouquets of flowers and wrap them decoratively. One with paper and the other with tulle fabric.

Congratulations, you have learned how to make flower bouquets! Have fun with it: experiment with different flowers and decorative ribbons to get the perfect look. Whether you're making one as a gift or down the aisle at your wedding, these steps will help you create a unique floral bouquet with ease.

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