How to use cannabis responsibly

Without a doubt, cannabis use is a very controversial issue around the world and although we consider that it would be best never to consume this type of substances, there are actually some cases in which a responsible use of marijuana can be interesting to help people feel better physically and psychically. In this article we review how to use cannabis responsibly.

How to use cannabis responsibly

Experts warn of the high tolerance of cannabis. This means that it is a substance that as you go consuming more and more you need more and more to have the same effects With what is undoubtedly a substance that can generate addiction quickly and that is why the same experts show the great importance of consuming cannabis responsibly.

If cannabis is not consumed responsibly, it can have effects on a psychic and physical level, it can lead to psychomotor problems, circulation, heart and hormonal system, with what we undoubtedly consider basic to consume in a responsible way both at the medical marijuana as well as a recreational level (source).

It is very important to consume cannabis responsibly because excessive consumption can damage the brain of any person and entail consequences both directly with the effects it produces during its consumption and also chronically.

We talk about consequences such as the deterioration of different cognitive functions such as attention and judgment, short-term memory impairment, impaired balance and coordination, or increased heart rate.

In addition, in the long term we can talk about problems such as addiction on a psychological level and physically it can translate into problems such as bronchitis or chronic cough, especially if it is consumed while smoking with tobacco. Consuming responsibly will also help prevent psychosis in people with a predisposition to these types of problems.

Thus, to consume cannabis responsibly, it is important to bear in mind that both the person and their environment are very important to be able to decide to consume responsibly, so without a doubt if we believe that we are falling into excessive consumption because we are in an environment that The best thing we can do is to get away from these types of environments for our own physical and mental health.

In addition, there are other factors such as the physical condition or the genetic predisposition of each person that can also pose a risk to consumption since some people will always be more prone to addiction than others With this, undoubtedly, in risk cases, the control of cannabis use is especially important.

Of course, you should never consume cannabis if you are taking medications such as antidepressants, anti-inflammatories, barbiturates and other types of substances, or if you are going to drive or manipulate heavy machinery. These measures should be taken into account, although it is therapeutic cannabis and without a doubt to consume this substance responsibly if it is going to be smoked it will always be better to use vaporizers and of course not mix it with tobacco since combustion is especially harmful for the body of any person.

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