Legal cannabis seeds: is it legal to buy cannabis seeds?

Is the sale of marijuana seeds legal? Can I be fined for buying them? This and many more are some of the most frequent doubts that we usually find when dealing with the topic of commercialization of cannabis seeds. The ignorance, at a general level, as well as the negative conceptions that a large part of the population have about this plant negatively influence the ignorance, as well as the emergence of doubts about the purchase of marijuana seeds.

In this article we will try to explain in the most detailed and clear way possible, according to current regulations in force, everything related to the purchase of marijuana seeds so that you have no doubts and can make your decisions safely and objectively . We explain it to you below.

Can you buy marijuana seeds?

As you know, the issue related to the planting and consumption of marijuana, as well as the sale of seeds - and even buds - is something very controversial that divides the world population into two well-defined positions. So, you should know that each country has its own legislation. If we focus on the Spanish case —which is the one that we are going to take into account in this article— the answer is simple. Yes, you can buy marijuana seeds. Now, planting and germination is a world apart. We will explain it to you right away.

What legislation regulates the sale of marijuana seeds?

In answer to the question that concerns us in this article about the legislation that regulates the sale of marijuana seeds, we are going to do a little contextualization to date so that there are no doubts about this question and so that no one can dispute the opposite.

The legalization of the sale of seeds in Spain began in 1961, specifically the March 30, 1961 when the mythical Vienna Convention was held. This day was a very important day for lovers of this ancestral plant because the United Nations Single Convention which included, among many other points, the possibility of selling marijuana seeds. Several countries participated in this convention, such as Italy, Canada, Belgium, Ireland, Austria, Poland, England, Holland, Japan, Russia, Scotland and, of course, Spain. All of them approved the commercialization of marijuana seeds in their respective countries.

It was given with it, first step towards legalizing the sale of cannabis seeds. Now, a lot has happened since then and some things have changed. To date, you should know that Spain ratified the agreement on February 3, 1966 - just 5 years after the first agreement. In addition, on November 4, 1981, the government published in the BOE the Single Agreement amended by the specialized protocol for its modification. Said document is still in force today, likewise, the modification did not imply any change regarding the possibility of selling marijuana seeds.

Can you buy marijuana buds in Spain?

Now that we have solved the main question about buying marijuana seeds, it is worth asking ourselves, also, if you can buy marijuana buds in Spain. And it is that, like the sale of seeds, this question usually always generates a great amount of doubts and misinformation. Fortunately, the answer is yes too. Of course, the buds must meet certain characteristics to conform to the standard imposed by the EFSA - European Food Safety Authority— in 2018 and to the Spanish specifications of the AEMPS - Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products— and AECOSAN - Spanish Safety Agency. Food and Nutrition— (source: To be able to buy legal buds in Spain This should not be marketed as a product intended for human consumption. Likewise, the CBD must have been obtained from Cannabis Sativa L —or industrial hemp from certified seed— and must never exceed a concentration of 0.2% THC in the total product.

Can you grow marijuana in Spain

The question about the cultivation of marijuana is a point and many apart. The truth is the answer is yes due to the legal vacuum that there is around said subject. In the end, what can be deduced is that the cultivation of marijuana is legal in Spain as long as the plant cannot be seen from the public thoroughfare and the marijuana is not used for lucrative use, that is, it is a decorative plant —between other specifications. It is convenient that, if you plan to grow marijuana in your home or second residence, you take into account the current regulations in force on this issue.

The regulations that regulate everything related to the cultivation of marijuana in Spain is reflected in the Article 25.1 of the Organic Law for the Protection of Citizen Security and the Article 368 of the Penal Code. For sanctioning purposes, the Penal Code makes a distinction between drugs that cause serious damage to health and soft drugs that are less harmful. Likewise, the Penal Code does not consider its consumption, cultivation and possession a crime as long as it is for one's own or individual consumption. On the other hand, the Supreme Court estimates that the maximum possession not penalized - since it is considered for own consumption - is 100 grams for 5 days.

Of course, each country has its own laws, so depending on where you are, it will be convenient for you to find out what the situation is in each place.

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