Meaning and symbolism of the coves

Most of the flowers used for flower arrangements and bouquets are grown especially for cut flower production. With a limited lifespan, these cut flowers work well as short-lived symbols, but quickly fade and die. Calla lily is a flower used in flower arrangements and can be gifted as a potted plant. Find out what message you are sending when you use this plant as a symbol of your appreciation and love.

What does the calla flower mean?

This flower is not technically part of the lily family. Instead, it is a different type of flower with a similar bloom to other true lilies. The most common meanings of this bloom include:

  • Magnificent and breathtaking beauty, in the classic Victorian language of flowers and ancient Greek tradition
  • Resurrection and rebirth, as the plant returns every year after winter
  • Faith and purity, especially in Christian religions
  • Overcome challenges as cut flowers can start to grow back in a vase and survive frost
  • The vivacity and innocence of youth.

Etymological meaning of the calla or lily flower

Calla lily is also called trumpet, hog, or arum lily. However, it is a member of the Araceae group that includes the philodendron. This means that it is not related to the other calla lilies either. The official scientific name of the plant is Zantedeschia aethiopica because it originates from South Africa and nearby countries.

Calla flower symbolism

Most people first encounter this flower when decorating for Easter or choosing a live plant to send as a holiday gift. It is also used at Christmas (in the northern hemisphere), when greenhouse specimens are available. This striking flower symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus for many people, or simply rebirth in a more general sense. Due to the white and waxy flowers that stand out from the dark foliage, this flower has also gained a connection with innocence and purity. It is natural that it is connected with the youth as well.

Meaning of the color of the coves

Apart from the varieties white classic, there are also other types of distinctive colors. The different color meaning options include the following:

Bright yellow and orange to represent joy, growth and change

Lavender and light blue to convey a sense of grace and refined beauty to your gift recipient

Dark purple for royalty and strength

rose for admiration and flirtation, while dark red stands for passion and intensity.

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