Meaning and symbolism of the jasmine flower

It is also a symbol of warmth, positivity, and sensuality. Jasmine symbolism is usually positive, although there are some surprising jasmine meanings you may not know about. Keep reading to know more.

The symbolism of jasmine


Jasmine is the flower of love. Traditionally, it is used as a flower for weddings and anniversaries in different parts of the world. Therefore, it is widespread in Indonesia and the Philippines, as well as in many other regions of the world.

The fragrance of the flower is sweet and pleasant, and its appearance also conveys love. When we think of the jasmine flower, we mainly think of things related to love and beauty.

Jasmine can also be a great gift for someone close to your heart. There is an interesting story about a Tuscan who bought the jasmine flower from Persian merchants. This man loved the flower so much that he did not want to part with it, he did not even want to show it to others.


Jasmine itself is a beautiful flower. With its soft white flowers and its pleasant aroma, we associate it with everything beautiful in the world. In any color, this flower is so beautiful that almost every gardener would love to have it.

Because of its beauty, the jasmine flower is also present in Greek and Roman mythology as a symbol of beauty. In Greek mythology, she was related to Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love. In Roman mythology, he was close to Venus, who was the Roman counterpart of Aphrodite.

Most likely, this symbolism developed due to the appearance of jasmine. With her sensual style, she has attracted many as a symbol of beauty.

purity and motherhood

The soft aspect of the jasmine flower makes us think of something pure. At the same time, it also celebrates the purity and beauty of the mother, making it a great gift to give your mother to celebrate.

In Thailand, jasmine is a symbol of motherhood and also of its purity.


Perhaps we could even say that jasmine flowers have divine qualities and that they represent everything divine in this world. Due to its underlying symbolism and appearance, this flower has long been considered a flower of God.

In Persian culture, where the jasmine flower originates from, the word “yasmin” means “gift from God”. It was so named because the Persians believed that God himself had sent it to mankind as a gift of purity and beauty.

In many ways, jasmine combines many of the symbolisms of God: purity, beauty, innocence, warmth, good luck.

warmth and sensitivity

Jasmines are warm and sensitive flowers that communicate with their pleasant smells and appearance. It is difficult not to like this flower and to find something negative in it.

It is a sweet flower that brings warmth and a positive feeling wherever it is. They also bring pleasant flavors and smells to their environment, which can enliven the room they are in.

Good luck

Interestingly, jasmine flowers are believed to bring good luck in some communities. In some parts of the world, people brought jasmine into their homes because it was believed to bring good luck when it was around.

And because of this property, some even choose to carry jasmine in their bags all their lives, believing that the flower will watch over them and bring them good luck.


Another interesting meaning of the jasmine flower is that it is a cultivated flower. Therefore, it is a symbol of many areas and countries around the world.

For example, the city of Damascus in Syria is also called the city of jasmine. In Pakistan, the jasmine flower is considered the national flower. In Indonesia it is also very similar. It is also the national flower of the Philippines.

The symbolism of jasmine in various countries and cultures

As we have already seen, the jasmine flower is very significant in different countries and cultures. In China, it is widely used for jasmine tea. However, in Pakistan, it plays a very symbolic role.

In China

Naturally, jasmine is found in the mountainous areas of China, particularly in Fujian province, where it has become a provincial symbol. Thanks to the high content of all kinds of antioxidants in jasmine, jasmine tea is also believed to have beneficial effects on our immune system by improving the protection of red blood cell membranes.

in pakistan

The Jasminum officinale it has become a national symbol of Pakistan and the recognized national flower of the country. These flowers are widespread, especially in the Indus Valley of the Punjab region of Pakistan.

Because of this, it has become a widely recognized symbol of Pakistan. Pakistanis have a great bond with this flower and are proud of it. Due to such popularity, the jasmine flower is cultivated all over Pakistan and not just in the Punjab area.

in iran

In the Persian culture of centuries past, the jasmine flower held a very special place in the hearts of the Persians. This flower is widespread in this part of the world, but the Persians still believed that it was a special type of flower for them.

They thought that the jasmine flower was sent directly from God. Either because of its beautiful appearance or because of its pleasant smell. In any case, the Persians were so in love with this flower that they even gave it a name.

The symbolisms of the colors of jasmine

Jasmine can be found in a wide variety of colors. Although the main color is white, which represents purity and innocence, there are quite a few color palettes that jasmine can appear in.

white jasmine

They are by far the most common and also the most popular jasmine in the world. White jasmines are also popular in art and literature, which speaks to their highly symbolic character.

White jasmine represents innocence, purity and goodness, but also beauty. This is due in part to the white color itself, but also to the innocent appearance and scents this flower exudes.

blue jasmine

Blue jasmine represents honesty. That is why they are a great gift that you can give to a close friend or someone you trust deeply and that you believe is always honest and sincere with you.

pink jasmine

The pink jasmines are really a mix between pink and white, creating this pale pink color that we can see in these flowers. Therefore, pink jasmines represent love and beauty, so you can easily give them to your lover.

orange and yellow jasmine

Orange and yellow jasmine have similar meanings. They are believed to bring joy and happiness, while orange jasmines are a bit stronger and represent passion, while yellow jasmines represent true friendship and trust.

purple jasmine

Purple jasmines are quite rare, so they have always been close to royal families and upper classes. That is also partly related to the color purple itself, which has always been the color of the higher classes.

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