Meaning and symbolism of the snapdragon flower

With more than 40 types of dragon plants around the world, snapdragons is a gorgeous flower that not only has a beautiful look and a fun name to say, but also a lot of hidden meaning.

Named many centuries ago, this flower is often used as a gift between friends and loved ones. Before choosing this flower to give as a bouquet, consider its deep meaning and symbolism. Its floral symbol will help you make a gift that is not only beautiful to look at, but also meaningful.

What does the snapdragon flower mean?

The common English name "snapdragon" is taken directly from the appearance of the flower. This lovely flower looks like the head of a dragon when squeezed.

Although people don't amuse themselves with this silly hobby today, at the time the flower was first named, the pocket dragon was a source of great hilarity!

The scientific name for the water dragon is Antirrhinums. There are more than 40 species of snapdragon in this genus. The name derives from the Greek word "antirrhinum", which means "similar to the nose."

What do the snapdragons symbolize?

Snapdragons have multiple meanings. They can represent strength, as they are capable of growing in rocky, typically uninhabitable areas, but they can also symbolize themes such as deviation and grace.

Snapdragons are sometimes used as an amulet against falsehood. They can also represent the idea of ​​grace under pressure or in the inner strength needed to overcome difficult situations.

Dragon flower color meaning

These plants have been associated with magic since the time of the ancient Greeks. The colors themselves were thought to contain magical properties. Snapdragons can contain more than one color. New varieties are continually being developed.

What does a purple snapdragon mean?

Purple snapdragons are often associated with spirituality. This is in stark contrast when you compare purple snapdragons to other types of purple flowers - purple flowers are typically considered a symbol of royalty.

What does the red dragon symbolize?

Red snapdragons are often used to symbolize love, passion, and positive energy.

What does a white snapdragon represent?

White snapdragon flowers are often used to symbolize purity, innocence and grace, as is also common in white flowers of other species.

What does a yellow snapdragon mean?

Yellow snapdragons symbolize happiness, positivity, and good luck.

What is the cultural significance of a dragon?

There has been a symbolism around this flower since ancient times, even before the Roman Empire. These flowers were used as an amulet to protect against falsehood.

In Victorian times, people used to text each other with flowers. Snapdragons were used as a symbol of truth.

Originally cultivated in southern Spain, America, and North Africa, snapdragons were spread by the Romans throughout much of Europe.

They can vary greatly in size and are one of the most common ornamental plants. According to European folklore, stepping on a snapdragon also has the power to break black magic spells.

What is the meaning of the dragon tattoo

When you decide to get a dragon tattoo, you are making the decision to add a ton of symbolism to your body artwork.

This tattoo can have various meanings. First of all, a dragon can symbolize grace. However, it can also symbolize strength or even deviation, as it has the ability to grow in rocky areas.

When should you give a dragon?

Thinking of giving someone a dragon? There are many times when it is appropriate to do so.

You could give a dragon to someone who has overcome a challenge in life, or perhaps someone who needs to overcome a stroke of bad luck. It would be a great option both times!

Significant botanical characteristics of the dragon flower

Snapdragons are not only valued for their pretty, squeezable flowers. They also bring other benefits.

Snapdragon seeds are used to make a cooking oil that is sometimes sold as an herbal remedy to reduce swelling in the body.

The ancient historian Pliny wrote that people could become more attractive simply by rubbing dragon flowers on their bodies. Sadly, this has never been shown to work.

Pliny also wrote that wearing a bracelet made from snapdragons was believed to render the wearer immune to poisons.

Snapdragons are not poisonous to children or pets.

According to European folklore, stepping on snapdragons can break black magic spells. However, this and the existence of black magic have never been proven in a clinical trial.

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