The beauty of flowers has always been venerated by man and one of the cultures that pays more homage to these natural sculptures is the Japanese, in fact they dedicate a festival to one of them to delight in its beauty, and this is one reason more than enough to take the risk and know the meaning of Japanese flowers.

The Hanami festival, which means looking at flowers, is the time that Japanese people spend sharing the beauty of the flowering cherry trees. In fact, the custom is to meet in the parks to eat or chat under these trees and enjoy the beautiful moment.

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Flowers are so important in Japanese culture that they pay special attention to flower arrangements, as the beauty of flowers has been the source of their contemplation and inspiration for many poets. It is then spoken of the Hanakotoba that means the language of the flowers, each one of them carries a special message of nature for man.

Meaning of Japanese flowers

The meaning of Japanese flowers contains endless emotions in each flower that is described, there are many of them with symbolic messages, but we will take some of these flowers to be able to describe their meaning.

The meaning of Japanese flowers such as chrysanthemums or Kiku, is closely linked with eternal life and the desire for people to have long life, since the flower is believed to contain the secret of infinite life. However, interpretations have also been found where happiness in life is spoken of in the afterlife.

The chrysanthemums or kiku are the flowers that represent the emblem of the imperial family, in fact the throne of the emperor is called kikukamonshò, which means throne of the chrysanthemum. Documents signed by the emperor bear the original symbol of the chrysanthemum.

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The chrysanthemum figure has been slightly modified on the shield, leaving only 16 petals and cannot be used by anyone other than the imperial household.

The meaning of the chrysanthemum or Kiku when given on birthdays, means that the birthday boy is wished long life. This flower is also often used as a decorative element in celebrations, preferring yellow chrysanthemums.

The veneration for nature that is in Japan is impressive, in fact its philosophy of life goes very hand in hand with flowers, since it is closely linked with religion.

The meaning of Japanese flowers also includes the Lotus flower or Hachisu, another of the important flowers within Japanese culture and is related to the Buddhist religion by representing the spiritual purity of Buddha. The relationship of the flower with the life of this spiritual being has to do with the place where the plant lives and how it manages to emerge from the swamp in a natural and spectacular way.

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The peculiarity of this flower in its habitat is that it manages to stay clean and fresh, symbolizing the purity of body and soul. Along with this interpretation, the flower symbolizes truth, perfection and immortality, gifts that are achieved by leading a righteous life.

  Meaning of Japanese flowers

The lotus flower emerges over the muddy waters and remains floating above them, symbolizing the spiritual elevation that must be achieved by pure souls.

The meaning of the lotus flower linked to the spiritual fable of Buddha tells that, in the places where the spiritual guide walked, the lotus flowers appeared.

When contemplating this beautiful flower, you cannot help but see its perfect lines, which represent the delicacy and grace of feminine attributes. This flower is always present in all religious rituals, occupying an important place of contemplation and meditation.

Meaning of yellow flowers

Lotus flowers are also highly coveted when choosing a tattoo, whoever chooses them knows that its meaning is struggle, truth, purity in the soul and body.

The meaning of the Lotus flower in yoga practitioners corresponds to the meditation pose in which the legs are crossed, placing the thighs on the opposite thighs and the hands on the knees.

The colors of the Lotus flower also represent a particular symbolism, finding that blue flowers refer to triumphs of the spirit over the senses, not allowing them to prevail over temptations, since this flower is always closed.

The comparison of the Lotus flower with the spiritual guide Buddha includes pale pink flowers that are sometimes mistaken for white ones. In fact, these pink flowers are considered very special as they are related to the highest representative of Buddhism.

Meaning and symbolism of gladiolus flowers

The meaning of Japanese flowers also has another important representative such as the Japanese cherry blossom or Sakura, which involves purity of heart and success.

Meaning of Japanese flowers

The meaning of the cherry blossom or Sakura is related to good luck and health, but also strength is another of its virtues since this flower appears in winter while still showing its beauty.

The cherry blossom does not last long since the temperatures that surround it are low and that makes its Buddhist meaning revolve around the short space we have on earth and how we must act to achieve a healthy spirituality.

The cherry blossom is also one of the favorites when choosing a tattoo model and whoever chooses it knows that its meaning is related to how short life is and the loyalty that one must have when living it.

There is a legend that surrounds the cherry blossom or Sakura, it is said that its flowers were white before, but they turned pink with the blood of the samurai wives who died in wars. They inflicted mortal wounds on themselves so as not to marry any other man. The richness in the meaning of Japanese flowers makes this culture one of the few with the greatest respect for nature. It would be very important for all of us to follow that example.

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