Meaning of the color of the flowers to give as gifts

Color has always been present in culture. Each culture has assigned different meanings and meanings to particular colors. The ancient Egyptians paid great attention to the colors of the sun. It was believed that the color of the lightning came from God. In ancient China, the color of gold was of exceptional importance, as it was exclusively available to the emperor. The Romans liked red, the color of power and privilege, and the Greeks decorated their robes, works and houses with dark green and various shades of blue.

Colors are very important in many areas. They are interpreted differently depending on their use. They are one of the basic elements in art and interior design. They help to express the personality: our clothes, the selected colors, the colors, the contrasts of their combinations communicate to the environment our values, norms and preferred behavior patterns.

Colors are also very important in floristry. Both the individual species of flowers and their colors have different meanings. They should be selected based on the occasion, preferences, or the person to whom they are delivered. When used as a decoration, they not only beautify the interior, but also add character, help to emphasize the solemnity of a given event.

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Do you want to know the meaning of the color of the flowers to give as gifts? Get to know them below:


A color that has many meanings. They can be divided into positive and negative. Today, yellow flowers are a symbol of friendship, happiness and joy. The yellow bouquet will be the perfect choice when we want to congratulate you on your success, pass the exam, and also a great gift without occasion for your friend, daughter, mother or sister. In many countries, this color is considered the color of the sun, and the flowers of this color are a sign of a new beginning, so a bouquet can be a great gift for comfort.

On the other hand, this color is often considered the color of betrayal, infidelity, jealousy, cowardice, or hatred. In order not to inadvertently hurt the recipient, it is worth attaching a note to the bouquet with a note of why we chose this color.


It is a very warm color, which means fun, joy and humor. Flowers of this color enliven the interior, radiate energy and are a source of inspiration. Orange is associated with youth, creativity, fascination and enthusiasm. The flowers of this color are perfect for wedding parties organized during the holiday months.

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Also, this color is a mixture of red and yellow, so its symbolism is something between friendship (yellow) and love (red). A bouquet of this color can signify a desire to take the next step in a relationship.


Red is strongly associated with the heart and the sphere of feelings, which is why it is considered the color of love and passion. A bouquet of flowers of this color is a sign of burning feelings and of great interest, especially if it is red roses. In addition to desire, red symbolizes strength, courage, life and beauty.

However, the meaning may be slightly different depending on the species of flower. A red rose or a tulip is like a declaration of love, while a carnation signifies a strong but unsatisfied passion. Poppies provide comfort and support.


Pink symbolizes femininity, delicacy, romance, youth. We give a pink bouquet when we want to emphasize charm, grace, beauty and express admiration for the recipient. Pink flowers are a great alternative to red or yellow as they strike a balance between love and friendship. It will also be a good gift for family or friends, as this color also represents love and gratitude.

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The flowers of this color are light, fresh, they symbolize spring. They are a perfect decoration for a wedding in May.


Violet, like yellow, has two meanings, positive and negative. It used to be considered the color of sadness, regret, and mourning, and is often used in mourning floristry. It has great religious significance.

Today it is associated with wealth, elegance, uniqueness and also creativity. Flowers of this color further emphasize the importance of the event during which they are presented. This is a great way of saying that the recipient is special to us and that we can do a lot for them. Given to a woman, they emphasize her grace, maturity, femininity, refinement and nobility.

They can also be given to tired people who need to rest, a moment to breathe. Violet or purple color brightens the day and promotes relaxation.

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Blue is a symbol of freshness, peace and fidelity. It is also associated with friendship, so by delivering flowers in this color, we will emphasize our affection and sympathy. Blue calms and eases worries, so it will be a good gift for sick or stressed people who have a lot of worries.


White flowers represent purity, innocence, fidelity, sincerity, wisdom. This color is most often used in wedding floristry (especially in the spring and winter months) to emphasize sincere feelings. The white bouquet is given when we want to express the respect, grace and beauty of a woman and at the same time emphasize that we will not exceed the limit set by the recipient. This color is also a symbol of modesty, elegance.

In addition, we must not forget that white is a fairly universal color, used in many ceremonies, such as: weddings, communions, funerals. It is very easy to combine with other colors.

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