Meaning of the hyacinth flower

The hyacinth flower is a beautiful cold-climate perennial that was once considered related to the lily and has now been placed in the Asparagaceae family. It grows wild in parts of Iran and Turkmenistan, along the Caspian Sea, and has become a favorite plant for gardening enthusiasts. With many star-shaped blooms per plant, these flowers produce a beautiful effect when planted in stripes and in solid-colored rows. Flower colors range from the palest pink to the deepest magenta. There are beautiful blues too, like a soft baby blue and a striking deep indigo blue. This fragrant spring blossom is also available in red, burgundy, orange, white, yellow, purple, and lilac.

What is the meaning of the hyacinth flower

  • Sincerity (blue)
  • The Victorian meaning is to play or do sports
  • It can also mean recklessness (as in the behavior of the god Zephyr)
  • Jealousy (yellow)
  • The color purple can mean pain for a wrongdoing

Etymological meaning of the scientific name (Hyacinthus)

It derives from the Greek legend about a beautiful young man named Hyakinthos who was killed by Zephyrus, the god of the west wind. Hyacinth is also derived from the word hyacinth, which means blue gemstone.

Hyacinth flower symbolism

The name of the hyacinth flower has a very interesting meaning. In Greek mythology, Apollo, the sun god, and Zephyr, the god of the west wind, compete for the affection of a young man. At one point, Apollo is teaching Hyakinthos how to throw the puck and Zephyrus becomes so angry that a gust of wind blows in Apollo's direction, causing the puck to shoot in the direction of Hyakinthos, hitting and killing him. Apollo, disconsolate, realizes that a flower sprouts from the spilled blood and names it hyacinth in honor of the boy. This symbol of the hyacinth flower has been maintained throughout history.

Meaning of hyacinth flower colors

The meaning of this flower according to the color is as follows:

Purple: ask for forgiveness or symbolize deep regret

Yellow: yellow means jealousy in the world of hyacinths

White: means beauty or prayers for someone

Botanical characteristics of the hyacinth flower

  • Fresh hyacinth bulbs (Hyacinthus) are poisonous and irritating to the skin
  • The juice of this plant (variety of wild hyacinth) is starchy and was once used as glue 1
  • The dried root can be used as an astringent (stops bleeding) by contracting and closing the tissues around a wound
  • Hyacinth juice mixed with lemon juice reduces abscess inflammation when applied topically

Some interesting facts about the hyacinth flower

Native to the Mediterranean, Iran and Turkmenistan, it is now grown mainly in the Netherlands

Each flower color has a unique fragrance, for this reason it is widely used in perfumery.

Be careful: The bulbs are poisonous, they contain oxalic acid, so strong that it can eliminate rust.

Because the juice of the hyacinth plant is so sticky by nature, it was used as a glue to bind books hundreds of years ago

Offer the hyacinth flower on these occasions

  1. Features the hyacinth flower to welcome spring or to symbolize a new beginning.
  2. Offer this flower when you've acted thoughtlessly.
  3. Gift this flower as a silent prayer of hope.

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