Meaning of the name of the flowers


Acacia Elegance
Yellow acacia Secret love
Sorrel Patience
Aconito, you look for my death
Oleander Seduction
Adonis Loving Memories
Aguileña Adolescence
Basil loathing
Yellow wallflower Faithfulness in adversity
Almond Tree Indiscretion
Musk Weakness
Lupine Truthfulness
Red poppy Consuelo
Dream white poppy
Abandoned Anemone
Wild Anemone
Burning stained hoop
Saffron Knowledge of excess
Azalea Temperance
Innocent Heart Lily


How to Make Simple Paper Flowers

Begonia Cordiality
Belladonna Sincerity
Betonica Surprise
Snapdragon Presumption


Calendula Restlessness Soothe sorrows
Snowdrop Hope
Campanula Flirtation
Capuchin Obedience
White rosebud Innocent in love
Red rosebud Purity
Yellow Carnation Disdain
Striated Carnation Rejection
Red carnation Sighing heart
Carnation of the poet Galanteria
Woolly Thistle Desquite
Centaurea Happiness
Cyclamen Distrust
Cincoenrama Maternal affection
Wild carnation Woman's love
Clematide Beauty of soul
Morning Glory Humility
Yellow chrysanthemum Scorned love
White chrysanthemum Sincerity
Red chrysanthemum I love you


Tips to decorate your beard with flowers

Dahlia Instability
Dimorphoteca Zeal, beware
Dondiego Lost hopes


Fake Ebony Abandoned
Eglantina Who loves you will make you cry
Juniper Lasting Affection
Scabious Widowhood
Lavender Fervor
Eupatorio Gratitude


The 10 best flowers to lower blood pressure

Farfara Justice has to be done
Appreciation Lantern
Chastity orange blossom
Plum blossom Keep your promise
Cuckoo Flower Wit
Fleur de lis Llama
Apple blossom Preference
Fritillaria Majesty
Fuchsia Taste


Gentian you are unfair
Scarlet Geranium Consuelo
Dark Geranium Melancholy
Climbing Geranium Bride's Favor
Pink Geranium Preference
Sunflower Worship
Wisteria I cling to you
Gladiolus of live genius, love quote
Sweet Pea Split


Tips for Sending Flowers to Other Countries Quickly

Helenio Tears
Heliotrope Devotion, desire for friendship
Sparkling grass Desire for wealth
Herb of St. Anthony Pretension
Ivy fidelity marriage
Fennel Strength
Hypericum Animosity
Cleaning swab
Bay leaf I'll change, but after I'm dead
Hydrangea Capricho


Impatiens Impatience
Blue iris Pleasant news
White Iris Hope


Different Types Of Flowers To Decorate The Garden

Jacinto Constancia
White jasmine Kindness, attachment
Smelly jonquil I wish the affection to return


Tear Agitation
Laurel Gloria
Lila Humility
Lily Greetings
Lily of the valley Return of happiness
Lotus Eloquence
Lunaria Sincerity


Honeysuckle Love Ties
Magnolia Love of nature, sympathy
Royal Mallow Ambition
Wild Mallow Gentleness
Margarita, do you love me?
Quince Temptation
Virtue Mint
Mimosa Youthful Joy
Myrtle true love
Mistletoe I overcome my difficulties


Narcissus Selfishness
Neguilla Courtesy
Water lily Purity of heart
Forget me not forget me


Olive Peace
Orchid A beauty
Nettle you are cruel


Broken straw Broken engagement
Straw without breaking Union
Thought I remember
Peony Truthfulness
Petunia you soothe me
Phlox Unanimity
Polyanthus Trust
Grace Spring
Pulsatila You can't pretend anything


Buttercup Ingratitude
Rhododendron Danger
Romero I remember
Pink Love
Yellow rose Weakening of love, jealousy
White rose I am worthy of you
White and red rose Mixture of feelings
Rosa canina Joy and pain
Christmas rose Relieve my anxiety
Red rose Beauty
Rose without thorns Without fear
Single Rose Innocence


Sabina Socorro
Sage Domestic Virtue
Creeping willow unrequited love
Weeping Willow Affliction
Elderberry Fervor
Silene gallica Young love


Whole Wheat Stalk Arrangement
Broken Wheat Stalk Dispute
Tamarisk Crime
Yew Sorrow
Thyme Constancia
Tragapan Miramiento, chivalry
Clover Revenge
White clover Think of me
Four Leaf Clover Be Mine
Red Clover Industry
Trinitarian Perplexity
Yellow tulip Hopeless love
Red tulip Declaration of love


Ulmaria Futility


Valerian Ease of adaptation
Goldenrod Animo
Verbena Charm
Veronica Fidelity
Viborera Falsedad
Vinpervinca Friendship
Blue Violet Trust
Scent Violet Modesty


Zinnia Memory of Absent Friends

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