The 10 best flowers to lower blood pressure

High blood pressure is a problem that affects many people of all ages. If you would like to try an alternative therapy, we present you the best flowers that you can use to lower your blood pressure and feel much better again.

The olive

Although it is not a flower itself, olive leaves are a remedy that many people use to lower their blood pressure. This is so because the olive leaves have oleuropeosides that have antioxidant properties. Therefore, it is possible to reduce tension and regulate the circulatory system.


Second, another interesting alternative is dandelion. In cases where blood pressure is very high, it is undoubtedly one of the best options since it is a plant that has different properties, among which diuretics stand out, which are very interesting to lower blood pressure.

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The flower of Jamaica

If you have very high blood pressure, in addition to taking it regularly, as this specialized page on digital blood pressure monitors recommends, you should try the Jamaica flower. It is a plant that is used to eliminate fluids, lower cholesterol and reduce blood pressure.


One of the most popular plants for its many properties that could not be missing in this compilation is the linden. It is a plant that, when prepared as an infusion, is really effective because has relaxing effects and serves to lower tension, treat stomach problems and even cure colds.


Another natural tranquilizer very similar to linden that will also help relax the body, muscles and reduce blood pressure is linden. We recommend consuming it on a regular basis to lower blood pressure.


You can also use hawthorn to regulate blood pressure since it is a plant that incorporates many interesting assets for the regulation of the arteries. It is a good vasodilator and also an interesting reinforcement for the heart that will help you to better mobilize blood.

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Another interesting plant also for its vasodilator action with which you can reduce tension very efficiently is Lavender. The aroma of this plant is especially relaxing with what We recommend using it as a shower lotion or taking relaxing baths with it. In the form of tea it will also help us to relax and rest better.


Passionflower also works to combat anxiety, end stress and, of course, lower tension. If you also have insomnia, this plant will help you rest better and we recommend consuming it in infusions or in the form of drops, also with water or infusions of other plants.

Bach flowers

Finally, we consider that Bach flowers can also be a very good option to treat high blood pressure problems or heart conditions. It is best to use them as a complement to a traditional treatment to achieve optimal results.

Red Chestnut

A very interesting plant to regain well-being, relax, feel better, say goodbye to stress and improve our health is Red Chestnut. This flower will therefore help us to fight against high blood pressure from the emotional point of view, which can be very interesting to help us learn to relax and thus be able to control our blood pressure much more efficiently.

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