The 10+ Cute Yellow Rose Varieties To Grow

Until the 18th century, roses were fashionable all over the world, but they were only grown in shades of pink and white. Finally, one of the varieties of yellow roses, previously unattainable, was discovered in the wild in the Middle East and Europe, without hesitation, fell in love with her.

Unfortunately, the first yellow roses had no fragrance and this was unacceptable. As cultivation methods developed and improved, the sweet and spicy fragrance of the rose was soon incorporated into the yellow rose, giving it all its splendor.

In the rose, the yellow color of the petals is the result of the accumulation of carotenoids, mainly in the chromoplasts.

Yellow roses and their meaning

Roses are loved for the simple beauty and shape of their petals, but some colors are so full of meaning that it can be difficult to keep track of them. For example, if you send a bouquet of red roses to your sick secretary, wishing her a speedy recovery, it could spark some office gossip. With a bouquet of yellow roses, there are no risks of misunderstanding.

Other occasions to give this color of roses It could be the birthdays of friends or family or to welcome someone.

Although many superstitious people consider it an unlucky color, yellow does not have negative connotations, on the contrary! Long associated with the sun and its invigorating warmth, it is the oldest symbol of the warm feelings, of friendship and optimism.

In many western cultures, this color is synonymous with joy, wisdom, and energy. But while any other yellow flower sends a joyous message, the yellow rose has, thanks to its history, an even stronger connotation of optimism.

At the same time, it is a tonality that is associated with the area of ​​the mind that regulates the expression of feelings and communication. People say that helps clarify ideas And, therefore, it is used a lot in meditation.

Visualizing the color yellow for a certain period of time, (according to experts in meditation), facilitates the communication of a person with others, since it is associated with the power of words and expression.

So, Why not add a little yellow to the garden? And what better way to do it with different varieties of yellow roses, which will also perfume our summer days.

Varieties of Yellow Roses

The French castle / museum Château du Rivau (Rivau Castle in Spanish), listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Historical Monument, is a great attraction due to its gardens, each of which is inspired by a legend from the Middle Ages.

Within these gardens, has a collection of 300 different types of roses cultivated by David Austin and André Eve.

Yellow is also one of the tones that many of the varieties of roses of the Château du Rivau present: from amber to canary yellow.
Because I was inspired by this collection to choose the members of this list with varieties of yellow roses more beautiful, many of them, awarded.

I'll rank them in order of bloom so fans can enjoy continuous bloom from mid-spring until frost.

1 Fruhlingsgold


The first rose to announce the arrival of summer: a magnificent large shrub (2m x 2m).

From May it is covered in a multitude of colored roses pale yellow with golden stamens that arise during the summer: an essential element for large gardens.

2 Golden wings


Very large shrub about 2 m tall with an almost continuous flowering from middle of May (mid-November in the H. Sur).

His big colored roses light yellow, adorned with huge orange stamens, they give off a watery, fresh and comforting fragrance.

All these qualities make it an essential element for large gardens.

3 Maigold


A small climber or large shrub about 3 m high with long, arched and perfumed branches, this rose blooms early in the season in bunches of semi-double roses of amber color, providing a deeper tone than Golden wings and Fruhlingsgold.

It then blooms again during late season hikes. This rose has many thorns, is never diseased, and has a strong fragrance.

It can be of great value for the bottom of a flower bed or for the walls located to the north.

4 Crown Princess Margareta


A small climber with beautiful double flowers of a soft apricot yellow that are cleared outwards.

Blooms from middle of May (mid-November in the H. Sur). its bunches of roses give off a strong fragrance of tea and fruits. Blooms continuously until frost.

5 Graham Thomas Rose


A very large shrub (1.2 x 1.2 m) obtained by the famous English rose artist David Austin. Its large hollowed-out flowers of color pure yellow they are a classic.

It is the purest yellow of all roses when it first blooms and then fades with defloration, against a backdrop of brilliant foliage.

Like most of the roses in the Rivau collection, this rose is very aromatic. its tea fragrance spreads throughout the summer.

6 Ghyslaine of Féligonde


This rose within the varieties of yellow roses is exquisite especially for its color changes throughout flowering. It is an old French rose that forms a very large shrub that can be trained: it is one of my favorites.

Its foliage never becomes diseased, and its small but numerous flowers open from the pastel yellow until the bright apricot, changing every day to cream and creating surprising nuances.

Another advantage: blooms in half shade.

7 Michelangelo


A very beautiful modern rose with large beautiful colored flowers mimosa yellow. The flower measures approximately 12 cm diameter with the 45 petals.

It is an upright shrub approximately 1.20 m tall with dense, matte foliage streaked with dark green. its fragrance has fruity notes of plum and peach.

A powerful and disease resistant strain with, like another charm, a very abundant flowering period since June (December in the H. Sur) until the first frosts.

8 Sonny knock out


Bushy and upright plant about 80 cm high with thorny red stems, which stands out for its green foliage tinged with red at birth, which turns bright green in summer.

The flowers are semi-double, fragrant and colored saffron yellow when they are opened, and then they are stained cream white. Your advantage: its continuous flowering is renewed since June (December in the H. Sur) until frost.

Its sweet fragrance, with notes of rose water, slightly spicy and fruity, it contributes to its seduction.

9 Académie d'Orléans


Another one of the varieties of exquisite yellow roses is this one. It is a shrubby about 70 cm that blooms in bunches of large double roses, colored pure yellow with slightly wavy petals.

This daughter of the late André Eve is adorned with fragrant flowers all summer long.

Never sick, it can also be planted in pots and is ideal for the front of the borders.

10 Buttercup


My heart goes out to all the beautiful varieties bred by the great English rose grower, David Austin, who has had special success with his yellow rose creations.

The petals of yellow English roses are more transparent, allowing light to pass through and thus giving them a kind of opalescence.

One of the jewels is Buttercup, which means "buttercup" in English. Its semi-double flowers are cup-shaped, with beautiful orange stamens on the bottom. The shrub is large with light foliage.

The flowers are very resistant to disease and have strong tea rose fragrance.

eleven Yellow fleurette

11-Yellow Fleurette

This modern landscape rose bush deserves to be mentioned in our list with the varieties of yellow roses. It reaches 1 meter in height and is lightly scented. Its simple roses, about 6 cm. bloom from June to October (from December to April in the H. Sur).

The delicacy of its petals stands out for its darker stamens almost orange.

12 Jude the Obscure


An English bush rose of utter elegance, first introduced by David Austin in 1995, it remains popular today for its fabulous fruity scent and joyous long flowering season during All summer.

The flowers are shaped like an old rose, colored pale yellow on the outer petals and deep peach on the inside.

The aroma is phenomenal: all fruity and rich, with notes of wine and guava. A far cry from its namesake, the gray and long-suffering character in Thomas Hardy's latest novel.
It can reach twenty feet in height and is an excellent producer of flowers.

13 The pilgrim


I cannot fail to mention this shrub rose, obtained by David Austin, which is approximately 1.50 m tall and extremely floriferous.

It can be grown as a small climber or as an upright shrub.

Very scented, with ntea and myrrh, this rose is from a Mellow Yellow that clears towards the edge.

Many of the yellow roses from the collection of scented roses from the Rivau gardens they have specific characteristics that make them unforgettable… It's hard to choose! But I hope you liked this small selection of varieties of yellow roses and why not? I encourage you to cultivate some of them.

Nothing bad!

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