The meaning of the Red Roses

The meaning of the Red Roses

The red rose is a widely recognized symbol of eternal love and passion. The red rose is one of the most beautiful flowers that exist; no images or words can truly capture the beauty of this magnificent flower. The various shades of red, from crimson to garnet, are bursting with richness and excitement. Being able to convey messages of warmth, care, compassion and affection is easily achieved when you send your loved one red roses. The rose is also a symbol of exceptional and lasting love and romance. The growth and strengthening of your relationships can be effectively represented by a bouquet of a dozen red roses - express your feelings of passionate admiration and romance for that special person in your life.

The origin of the symbolism of the red rose dates back to ancient times, in the 18th century. The red rose was a means of interaction between forbidden lovers to communicate feelings of secret love and admiration. Over time, the natural beauty of this flower began to acquire various meanings that have endured to this day. The red rose was brought from China to Europe in the 19th century. The color red itself was initially a symbol of life and beauty that ended up becoming the same symbolism for the rose. Desire, attraction, youthful love, beauty, purity, innocence, passion, and courage have been associated with a dozen red roses. This flower has been the inspiration of many authors and poets of our time. Shakespeare often alluded to beautiful red roses as a representation of attractiveness and love that is "stronger than thorns." As the rose has become such a well-known symbol, gifting this flower is one of the most effective ways to create an emotional impact on your recipient.

To this day, sending a bouquet of beautiful red roses is still the most popular way of saying "I love you." The most popular parties to send roses are anniversaries, weddings, and Valentine's Day. A dozen red roses can have different meanings in the context of a wedding. Red flowers in marriage symbolize eternal happiness, as well as devotion and strength. Giving red roses to a special someone can ignite the start of romantic intentions or simply let someone know that you care. Even a single long-stemmed red rose can communicate the same emotional messages as a dozen red roses. Exquisite, radiant and beautiful red roses are the perfect messenger of love. If you are too shy to let someone know how you feel, sending them flowers can be a great alternative. Whatever your intentions in sending red roses, and with so many universal rose meanings, you can be sure that whoever sends them will not be left without a smile on their face.

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