The Most Beautiful And Expensive Flowers In The World

In the plant kingdom there are millions of plants. Some with flowers, others without. Of some we know the names of common flowers and others, when we hear them for the first time, call our attention. The truth is that there are so many plants that each person could have 1-2 or more plants that are, for them, the most beautiful in the world.

In a matter of flowers, something similar happens. Each flowering plant is unique with characteristics that make it more or less attractive to certain people. However, there are some that can be considered the most beautiful in the world.

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The most beautiful flowers in the world

Beyond the meaning of the flowers and the feelings that they can express when giving oneself, there is no doubt that these are a help to improve the mood. Not only are they a gift to the eye, but they have also found a place in homes on a decorative level, both indoors and outdoors.

Every year there are some flowers that attract attention due to their curious shape, hue or simply because they become fashionable. We have a clear example in orchids, which were a trend a few years ago and have known how to last over time and adapt to current decorations.

However, in the world there are many different types of flowers, some more interesting or beautiful than others. For example:

Petunia, the meaning of flowers and bouquets


The rose is one of the flowers that has its own language. It is equally useful to declare love to a person than to express friendship, purity or elegance itself. Two of the factors that make it one of the most beautiful in the world are the petals and the aroma it gives off. In the first case, there are many variations of roses, some with more than 50 petals in each flower.

In the second case, although there are some rose bushes that lack this quality, the vast majority give off a pleasant and even addictive fragrance.

expensive roses

Cherry flower

The cherry tree offers us, only for a limited time and once a year, an incredible visual spectacle, which is why it would be among the most beautiful flowers in the world.

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This flower, called in Japanese "sakura", is the one that gives the starting signal to spring. It is common on those dates to visit emblematic places where there are cherry blossoms, such as the Valle del Jerte, in Spain, or areas where picnics are held in Japan, always in the shade of the cherry blossoms.


As the song Two gardenias for you says, "with them I want to say, I love you, I adore you", it is one of the flowers most related to love. Its white, lance-shaped style stands out against the plant's deep green leaves.

Nor should we forget its fragrance, which lasts over time and is very pleasant to smell, and can even last for days after being cut.

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lotus flower

Also known as the sacred lotus, or as the rose of the Nile, it is one of the most appreciated flowers, but it does not occur in all countries. That is why it is more coveted in these places.

The flower can be pink or white and is characterized by developing leaves and flowers between 17 and 22 centimeters in diameter. In addition, they are aquatic, so they need a liquid medium to grow and develop.

Bird from paradise

The Strelitzia reginae became fashionable in the 2000s for its curious bird shape. However, being a tropical plant with very specific care, it cannot be grown anywhere, which, in addition to being pretty, makes it highly desirable by many.

ᐈ Poppy, which means in the Language of Flowers. ⭐ The Garden at your

The most beautiful flowers are also the most expensive

There is no doubt that getting some of the most beautiful flowers in the world can also involve spending a considerable sum of money. And it is that, some of the list of the most beautiful, are also the most expensive.

The case of the Kadupul flower stands out, native to Sri Lanka that only blooms at midnight and dies in the morning. Its peculiar shape and the white petals that have a pearly white center are priceless. Due to its rarity and fragility, the figure is always variable and depends on what a person is willing to pay to see it.

Something similar to this occurs with the lily of the valleys, some bell-shaped flowers that receive the common name of "tears of the Virgin" and that only bloom in May, costing between 13 and 48 euros per bouquet.

Or there is also the case of the Shenzhen Nongke orchid, a flower born from years of scientific research that gave rise to these specimens, so expensive that in 2005 a single flower was sold for 200,000 euros.

The saffron flower, the Juliet Rose, or the Kinabalu Orchid are other examples of beauty and price.

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