The most beautiful flowers to give and make a woman fall in love with their meaning

In principle, the most beautiful flowers to give are those in which the person has carried out a previous investigation. In the case of a man to a woman, whether it came up in a conversation, he saw her in his avatar, he has observed that she has received them or has bought them, the attention with which she stops to see them in her wild form or sideboards, etc.

Although roses and daisies have a preponderant seat as flowers to give to a lady, for each woman there is a different taste, since they associate them not only because of their beauty, but also with moments of their life or how they feel they look in their home, office or garments.

Because the flowers have their meaning at a universal level, but the aggregate to settle is what they mean for that woman in particular.

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When you add the glorious meaning of the most beautiful flowers to give to the meaning in life and taste of that lady, you will see that it will captivate her, make her fall in love and tell her a lot about her true feelings. Because to express yourself with flowers, you have to have content. We invite you to investigate before gifting.

What does the investigation consist of?

Well, as we said, the most beautiful flowers to give are those that add good sense and sensitivity. But in each case, to orient yourself and make the decision closest to what is expected, we advise you:

Identify which are your favorite flowers or the specific flower.

  • Which color do you like the most?
  • If you want a button or open flower.
  • What is your feeling about the gift of a flower or a bouquet (and how many flowers would you prefer that bouquet, preferably we give you the data that an odd number is the ideal. The reason, she -the woman- is the flower that will match life of you; ergo: pure poetry).
  • Some personal anecdote regarding flowers. This will create a context of his liking and how he would like to receive it.
  • And keep in mind that there are women who consider that the most beautiful flowers to give are not natural ones, because they prefer the real ones in gardens or parks. Something praiseworthy, but that you can solve with high-quality artificial flowers.

The most beautiful flowers to give and the meaning of their colors

Since the intention is to make a woman fall in love, it must be direct but subtle and go gradually. Let the message come through the flowers. Their color explains the same thing and must be adapted to each stage of courtship: Manifestation of intentions to pretend, express your interest in a dating relationship, express your desire to be intimate, woo her for being her, request marriage, holiday, reminder of your love, ask for forgiveness.

So whatever the most beautiful flowers to give as gifts that you choose, take into account that the color also tells a lot about her, even what as men we sometimes do not perceive if we are not sensitive enough. For this, this format will help you:

Desert rose, spiritual meaning and symbolism of its flowers

Yellow. It means wealth and triumph. It tells him that you are committed and can offer economic stability for a formal and solvent love relationship.

Blue. It expresses wisdom and also that it is a platonic love that you want to take to the next level. He tells the woman how much he admires her, that she is the lady of his sighs and that he allows her a gap to show it to her in an experiential way, as he shows it to her with flowers that speak of a very transcendental connection, a unique language, understood by you. two.

White. The universal meaning of purity, innocence and/or naivety. They are the ideal ones to make a woman fall in love and for her to know that she is not going with purely bodily intentions, but rather sentimental, spiritual and mental ones. She talks about her values.

Red. It expresses passion, ardor and ambition. Although they are the most widely available on the market, especially roses, the passion part translates into being passionate about work, family, hobbies, life and your style. They are the most beautiful flowers to give as a gift because color can say many clear and mischievous things, obviously with the visual, oral or written message that you add to it.

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Green. Hope and success. It applies to the bouquets that accompany the flowers as well as to various flowers with which you can tell her lover how exotic she is and the additional effort to give her something different, thus expressing his real interest in her, which goes beyond the conventional. In addition, they are linked with the natural wave and good fortune.

Black. Universality. Although white flowers express purity, black flowers, being antonyms, do not want to express darkness. On the contrary, they are flowers where the exotic and unique merge with women, knowing they are unique in a world of so many equal people. They are the most beautiful flowers to give as ideal for those who love that color or gothic vibes or are resurgent from some love failure and you want to tell them that you will accompany them in that process, to make them believe in love again.

Pink: Tenderness and modernism. Ladies rave about this color. The more flirtatious, young or spontaneous she is, the more this color will fit. A recommendation of which flowers to buy to give as gifts, aimed at young men in love.

Our suggestions on the most beautiful flowers to give as gifts

Having taken the above into account, you will be better oriented to make the gift of one, three, five flowers in a bouquet, the same or even different. It also applies when some of the previous points are difficult for you or you want to change to say other things, but with the correct meaning and purpose.

Plants And Flowers Time

Magnolias: These have been described as the universal and philosophical representation of beauty and feminine sweetness.

Plum blossom: They are marked by a strange spell, in which the person who receives them and who gives them are benefited by a blessing of a less complicated life and with greater meeting points.

Orchids: The most beautiful flowers to give as gifts in any of its more than 500 varieties. They signify excellence or the closest thing to perfection, in addition to attracting good fortune and prosperity as a couple and/or family.

Lotus Flower: It means balance, transcendence, the search and achievement of inner peace.

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Jasmine: When a man falls in love with a woman with whom he has not been able to establish previous conversations or attends a blind date or internet date where you will see your beloved before virtual or now real, the most beautiful flowers to give at that moment are these for being the plant of friendship and good will and as such, it is ideal for the day they meet and open the doors of the confidence, essential step for the woman to fall in love.

Peony: Do you want to demonstrate your virility and tell the woman that you are determined to conquer her and that he is the man she expects and deserves? Well, give her peony flowers, which symbolize masculine energy, loyalty and affection, whatever color they are. Are must be given in bouquets of at least 7 flowers.

Chrysanthemums: They are the most beautiful flowers to give that are more associated with a calm and serene life. Special for wedding anniversaries, reconciliations, asking for forgiveness or when the lady is promoted or retired.

Daffodils: Known as the "Water Fairy"its meaning is mysticism, since it is given to extremely talented women, those who day by day show new talents and rising virtues in everything they do.

Lilies or Calas: They are righteousness, stillness, love. They signify abundance and durability.

Jade: We can detail them as the most beautiful flowers to give to ladies who want to decorate their office or business. They are very formal, with a very peculiar aroma, they last a long time in their splendor and are associated with abundance, wealth and success. Special to fall in love with empowered women.

Roses: They are love, magic, respect, passion, delicacy, duration, affection. They are flowers that, whatever their color, will always end up talking about closeness, empathy and interest. They are the gateway to love, depending on the attitude of the person who gives them.

Daisies: It speaks of innocent love, of simplicity. That despite the economic or cultural adversities, he wants something real with that person.

Petunia: They are the most beautiful flowers to give when you have been rejected or displaced before expressing your feelings. they say "I do not lose hope of an opportunity by your side." It also applies when the woman is recovering from a relationship and fears or does not want to enter another.

Tulip: This flower depends on its color. If it's white, say, "thanks for the opportunity." If it is yellow, she expresses, "I understand that everything is over, I'm sorry and although I have no hope, I will continue to love you."

Violets: It is among the most beautiful flowers to give, because they are ideal for that woman who has always been your friend or best friend and life has led them to be more than that. With these flowers you have good omens to spend from friendship to love.

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