The secret language of flowers

Throughout history, various idioms that have allowed the communication between specific sectors of society. For example, those that have been created to send messages during wars or to encrypt high-value messages.

There are some that are little known as is the floriography, which is a language that was used long ago. Knowing about this topic is important so that you can learn to use it in modern times. You will be surprised by all that this language can offer you.

What is floriography?

The Victorian era left great teachings, it was one of the longest reigns that have been given in the British crown. One of these was treated flower language or also floriography. Which was used flower arrangements and flowers to send encrypted messages.

Meaning and symbolisms of passion flowers

These were not messages to end a war or with a political plan. This language was used to bring messages with secret feelings. Which in some cases could not be expressed verbally due to the situations that were experienced at the time.

Each of the flowers that were used had a predefined meaning and that, also depending a lot on the context, factors, position and the way it was delivered. It was not easy to know its meaning, because it was a very secret code that only a small part of British society knew.

This type of language was created because during the Victorian era there were very strict rules and regulations. Topics such as love, expression of feelings in public, sexual freedom and others were complex. That in many cases it was something punished by the authorities of Queen Victoria.

How did the language of flowers originate?

To think that it was created by a couple who could not live their love is totally wrong. It is a language that was discovered by European traders. However, they only took it from the traditions of Asia where they also had difficulty communicating and expressing their feelings verbally.

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This type of language was used so that couples or lovers could express their feelings without fear of repression or rejection by society. However, over the years it has become a language that even the european kings used to communicate or promote it among their followers.

However, the one who really introduced it to the UK was the King Charles II of England on a journey from Sweden to Persia. This happened during the seventeenth century. Although, it may be a language that has been forgotten, there are some meanings that still remain in force to demonstrate feelings without having to speak.

What do the colors of the roses mean?

Each flower has a special meaning, but the roses they are the most significant for human beings. In this language of flowers it was used frequently. Today its meaning has been preserved and it is common for people to send bouquets of roses. To get a clear idea about the meaning consider the following:

  • Red: love, passion, exalted congratulations.
  • White: innocence, purity, humility.
  • Rosa: Appreciation for someone, gratitude for a favor.
  • Soft pink: sympathy.
  • Yellow: Friendship, jealousy, infidelity.
  • Blue: Trust, affection.
  • Burgundy: beauty.
  • Black: despair, hatred, mystery, danger, sadness or obsessive love.
  • Rose uploaded: gratitude.

What is the language of flowers used for?

The roses were sent by anyone, in many cases it was not just a relationship of lovers. But from a friend or family member.


The objective was to show affection or feelings towards the person without actually saying words. Yellow roses could be sent to a friend, red roses could be sent by a suitor, blue could be sent between teenagers to show friendship, among others.

The white roses could be sent as a symbol of good wishes for the future spouses and that to date are carried by the brides on their wedding day. Yellow roses can be to show that you are jealous or that it is your crush.

Flower meaning list

  • Yellow poppy: means a lot of success, sent to those who are about to conclude or start a project.
  • Lily: it is a sign of an innocent heart.
  • Dock: is to indicate that you should be patient.
  • Calendula: shows passion, grief, jealousy, creativity and cruelty.
  • Dahlia: fidelity, seduction, gratitude, declaration of love, swearing love, happiness and is strength.
  • Juniper: affection that will last forever.
  • Fleur de lis: burning passion and flame.
  • Orange blossom: means chastity.
  • Lantern: it is thanks.
  • Gardenia: means secret love.
  • Gentian: means that you are unfair in some situation.
  • Geranium: consolation, melancholy, determination and preference.
  • Red tulips: they refer to the perfect and lasting love that is sworn to your beloved.
  • Red carnations: they are a type of flower that means love and symbolizes fascination.
  • Freesias: signify trust and reflection, ideal for a friendship.
  • Lilies: This type of flower signifies strength, mutual support, friendship and devotion.
  • Chrysanthemums: these are flowers that signify happiness, love and longevity.
  • Hydrangeas: symbolize gratitude and understanding.
  • Iris: symbolize trust and wait.
  • Yellow Carnation: Disdain
  • White Carnation: Innocence
  • Poet's Carnation: Gallantry
  • Striated Carnation: Rejection
  • Carnation Red: Sighing heart
  • Wild Carnation: Love of woman
  • Yellow sunflower: means that it only has eyes for you or that it revolves around you.
  • Orange sunflower: fidelity and admiration.
  • Sunflower: associated with admiration.
  • Blue iris: means that good news is yet to come.
  • Laurel flor: Glory, Ambition
  • Lavender: Constancy
  • Lilac: Modesty
  • Lotus: Eloquence
  • White jasmine: symbolize friendship, attachment and kindness.
  • Magnolia: love for nature, perseverance, dignity and sympathy.
  • Blue daisy: fidelity.
  • White daisy: it means that I only have eyes for you.
  • White daisy: used to seduce a loved one.
  • Pink daisy: it is an innocent love, it can be of the children towards the parents.
  • Daisy flower: means innocence and purity.
  • Fuchsia: it is a flower that means taste, that is, for a person who attracts you.
  • Gardenia: symbolizes a secret love.


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