Tips for Sending Flowers to Other Countries Quickly

Flowers and plants are our passion and as experts on the subject we receive many questions about the possibility of sending flowers to other countries, since this item continues to be one of the simplest gifts to program and with which, almost always, we wake up. smiles

With an increasingly globalized world, many people began to have personal and professional contacts around the world. As flowers and plants are one of the main ways to give to someone, this question about how to send flowers to another country is recurrent.

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First of all, it is important to say that currently It is very easy, fast and safe to send flowers to someone who lives abroad. There are several international florists and other companies specialized not only in the delivery of flowers and plants in other countries, but also in gifts in general. This is the case of International Gift Baskets, one of the main sites in Spanish in this field.

The vast majority of these types of companies accept various forms of payment and have delivery services made locally in the desired country of destination, in fact, it is possible in some cases order even for next day delivery.

With much-needed social and territorial distancing due to the pandemic, more and more families are finding it difficult to travel abroad to visit family and friends. With that, showing affection through other ways, such as sending flowers to other countries on holidays and birthdays, has become even more important.

And it's not just the roses traditional those that have international delivery. Other flowers like sunflowers, tulips and lilies may be available depending on the place of delivery. It is always good to consult the flower catalog on our chosen website and check what flowers are available for each country since not all countries have the same variety of flowers.

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Tips for giving flowers and pleasing anyone in any country in the world


Flowers and plants in general are always a great gift option to someone in any country in the world and on any occasion. Of course, some flowers work best for specific occasions, such as:

  • The Red roses they are perfect for romantic occasions and to declare your love for someone.
  • An arrangement of colorful flowers like daisies or even a sunflower can work perfectly to wish a happy birthday to a friend or family member.
  • On Christmas poinsettia It can and should be used as a gift for someone and will certainly be greatly appreciated for helping with the decoration.
  • Other flowers can be more versatile like lilies and tulips. Both can be used as show of affection on more general occasions without necessarily romantic purposes.

Whichever flower you choose to gift, the advice for sending flowers to other countries, in addition to choosing the right flower, is once again pay attention to the catalog of flowers available for each country at that moment.

After all, depending on what time of year the country of the flower recipient is in, the flower you want to send may not always be available.

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Apart from that, just choose the flower through the website of your choice and make sure that today sending flowers to another country can be done quickly, comfortably and safely.

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