Tips to decorate your beard with flowers

Nowadays, every year and every season we find a multitude of new, different and original trends in fashion, aesthetics and beauty and many of them surprise us. But in this case this new trend far exceeds the imagination since it is a fashion trend that appeared years ago but now returns with more force: the decoration of the beard with flowers. In this article we give you some tips to decorate your beard with flowers.

Choosing artificial flowers

If you would like to use this trend already this Valentine's Day to be able to bring flowers in an original way to your special date, you should know that you do not have to be afraid of being ugly or being chased by bees because A very interesting option will be to choose one of the artificial packs specially designed for beards that you can find in beauty shops or doing an online search. Without a doubt, it is the best alternative to save yourself setbacks and succeed with your original beard.

Know the origin

In order to appreciate and wear this trend with pride and style, you should know its origin. Some time ago an artist named Pierce Thiot produced a collection of photographs by placing objects in a totally random shape on his beard to make original self-portraits. They were things as different as toothpicks, toy soldiers, and yes, flowers too. This last photograph with flowers has gone viral and has been used as a reference to create a new trend that, thanks to social networks and the Internet, has gone viral, arousing a lot of interest among the most daring men with beards, who have begun to adopt this trend.

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Get inspired by the 70s

Although today this fashion has appeared in this way, the truth is that this has its inspiration in the 70s, although now you can find thousands of photographs online, especially on Instagram. If you are interested in finding original and different ideas (some fun, others really professional, some with plants, others with flowers, etc.) We recommend you turn to social networks to find interesting ways to decorate your beard in this hippie way, as well as reviewing the photographs of the newspaper library from the 70s to find even more different ideas.

Be Creative / a

Even if you take inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. And you even check the books of the 70s to find new ideas, without a doubt, we recommend that originality be your main flag and be as creative as you can since this very original and peculiar trend needs all your nonconformity, but also a point fun and shameless to make beautiful "bouquets of flowers" in your beard and especially to dare to wear them in your daily life. A great option will be to order this trend in a barbershop adapted to new trends to get the perfect outfit.

Be patient

Surely you are not going to put flowers in your beard every day to go to work or to buy bread and when you decide to do it it will be for some outing, some kind of event or a different time with which we recommend that you have a lot of patience. If you put flowers in your beard quickly, randomly and without care, dedication or affection, you will undoubtedly ruin the magic of this trend and you will not be able to enjoy a beard adorned in detail how you would like so We recommend that you be patient and enjoy the process to be able to prepare your beard in detail how you would like it.

Let yourself help

Even if you want to surprise someone like your partner on Valentine's Day, surely if you propose this idea there is one or more trend followers and lovers of fashion, aesthetics, originality and flowers who decide to help you decorate your beard to perfection with the most beautiful flowers of each season so that you can succeed with the most modern looks and with the most in-trend accessories.

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