What Is The Meaning Of The Cove [ Según Su Color ]

It is very important to know that each color of a certain flower has its specific meaning. The Zantedeschia It can be found in many colors, such as white, purple, pink, yellow, orange, blue, red or even black or bicolor and that is why we will see the meaning of the calla for each of these colors, which symbolize something.

Meaning of the cove according to its color

white cove

The most common color of the calla flower is white. It is a symbol of something pure and innocent.

When you celebrate the birth of a child or his first communion, it is a great occasion to use white calla lilies for decoration.
On the other hand, they are appropriate for the funerals of young people, Discover more about the meaning of the white cove, HERE

pink coveWe have also mentioned that the flower can be pink, symbolize appreciation and admirationso we must buy this flower for someone we appreciate and admire.

Pink calla lily flowers are also believed to can be a symbol of flirtingso if you want to tell someone you like them, you should buy them pink calla lilies.

Zantedheschia purpuraThere are also flowers Zantedheschia purple that are related to passion, sexuality and charm.

This color can also be a symbol of strength, elegance and royalty.

yellow coveThe yellow calla flower is a gratitude symbol.

Although it has a double symbology, since on many occasions it is associated with invoking falsehood.

orange flowerThe cove of orange tones symbolizes joy, changes and also growth.

They also have a connotation regarding the harmony between the material and the spiritual or relative to the soul.

blue calla lily flowerAlthough they are very rare to find, there are hybrids of this color.

These flowers of a bluish tone are a symbol of refinement, beauty and femininity

red coveOf course, the calla flower can be found in red color at times. The dark red color of this flower is always a symbol of passion and intense love.

If someone really attracts you, then it is a great idea to give this person a red calla lily flower.

can also be used as a symbol of courage.

black coveIt is generally stated that the color is not truly black, but an extremely dark purple or brown.

In any case, this incredible darkness is a symbol of something elegant, yet mysterious.

Origin and characteristics of coves in general

The Zantedheschia is native to Africa and is distinguished by its particular formation consisting of a spathe (the outer part of the flower) and the spadix (the yellow spike in the center). The spathe is actually a modified sheet instead of a petal.

Usually between 2 to 3 flowers are born on each plant and the stems can reach a meter in height.

Callas are known for their hardiness, as they can both grow in water and survive frost. They are also commonly known under the names "water lily", "jug flower" and "gannet".

The cala or alcatraz is the sixth wedding anniversary flower, which symbolizes the beauty of a couple's love.

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