What is the meaning of the heather flower

It is quite impressive how the heather flower has an important meaning in many different cultures around the world.

For example, one of the things they symbolize is independence and confidence, considering it tends to grow in really tough spots where other plants don't seem to grow.

In some parts of the world, heather flowers are considered to bring good luck.

This meaning of heather flowers derives from an ancient Scottish tale, and goes like this: Malvina, who was the daughter of a Celtic bard, was engaged to marry Oscar, a warrior from her city and country. However, shortly after going to war, Oscar was assassinated and Malvina had to be informed by a messenger, who gave him a Heather flower as a symbol of the love of his beloved.

Apparently this flower was bright pink in color, but as soon as Malvina started crying, it turned white. Since then she had wished for everyone else to be happy, lucky, and loved, even when she was truly sad about what had happened.

Therefore, heather flowers are great if you want to show others your love or the good intentions you have with them.

Each heather flower color has a relevant meaning

The colors of heather flowers play an important role in determining what they mean and symbolize. For example:

Purple heather flowers

They symbolize beauty, admiration and strength.

White heather flowers

They symbolize innocence, luck and protection.

Yellow heather flowers

They symbolize well-being, luck and positivity.

Red heather flowers

They symbolize bad luck because it is the color of blood.

Pink heather flowers

They symbolize femininity, passion and friendship.

What are some of the heather flower benefits?

Heather flowers have many properties that make them a truly beneficial plant for everyday use. In fact, they are a good alternative to urinary and digestive medications.

Herbal benefits of heather flowers throughout history

The Celts and Druids discovered the positive effects of this plant. They used it to cleanse the digestive system after eating, but also when trying to break through blood blocks. They regarded Heather's plants as something magical.

How to use heather flowers?

The leaves and flowers can be served as a tea, and can also be used topically as a skin care product. Many people use it often every time they shower, and many others have used it as a way to dissolve kidney stones.

Other uses of heather plants and flowers

Due to its strength, heather plants can also be used as a building material or tinder material. They also make a great cushion and bedding in traditional crafts.

In Scotland, people use heather plants to make jewelry, wine, and beer.

Are heather flowers edible?

Heather plants are considered by many sheep and deer as their main food source, especially when these plants are under snow. Although heather flowers are still used today to make alcoholic beverages, they are not commonly used in dishes, salads or any other type of cuisine.

Are Heather Flowers Fragrant?

Heather flowers are very fragrant. They are often described as having a strong honeysuckle-like odor. Its fragrance is very fresh and floral.


Heather flowers are important to any ecosystem, not only because they provide many positive health benefits, but also because they provide food for many insects, bees, and even birds.

It has often been said that a flower can reveal some of the deepest feelings without needing to say a word, And this is definitely the case with the heather flower, as its history and significance have been carried on for thousands of years.

Learning about the heather flower involves more than learning the scientific name of it, or the different types that exist, it actually involves knowing the messages that all the Flowers toast to spread the true knowledge and intention of nature.

Therefore, the meaning of each flower can lead us to understand how most flowers work and how they carry each other. After all, they form a larger ecosystem that we are still discovering and learning about.

Heather are beautiful plants that will brighten up your garden. They are also the perfect type of plant for those who have just started planting flowers, as they require little maintenance.

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