What time of year does marijuana bloom?

Knowing the exact time of year in which marijuana blooms is important, in order to be able to plant your crops at the exact moment so that you can enjoy your plants at that precise moment, without waiting long months waiting to see how the buds come out. In this article we are going to give you all the keys to know at what time of year marijuana blooms, as well as the different steps they usually take before they end up getting fat.

Details on the flowering of marijuana

One of the important data you should know regarding the flowering of marijuana is that, the moment you plant them, they will begin to gain strength, as long as they comply with the minimum of water, light and nutrients recommended, since despite needing a series of very precise cares, it is a very grateful plant that the more you take care of it and give it what they ask for, the better results you will obtain.

You should know that there is an essential detail when picking the flowers or buds of marijuana and that is that it usually grows a lot, and at the moment in which its growth is reduced or even cut, the flowers will begin to be much larger , taking approximately an average of 8 weeks, all also depending on the type of seed you have used, since, as you can see in the Eurogrow grow shop there is a great variety of seeds and each of them will have some characteristics, although In general, all of them will need a time of light and darkness or exclusive nutrients for the marijuana plants.

At what time should we grow marijuana?

There are many theories that move about the perfect period for planting marijuana, however, speaking with experts, they assure us that one of the best times in which you can do it is a month or at most two months before the The night of San Juan, which is precisely the time when the days get shorter and the nights longer, thus proving the need that marijuana plants need for darkness, and they must have, at least, a few 12 hours of darkness uninterrupted thus achieving that only the photosynthetic process is generated in the rest of the time.

It is when it is at night, when the plant will begin to produce a hormone that is responsible for flowering and that, coinciding with the period described above, the plant will begin to flower, first slowly, since it has to combine the growth of the trunk itself. and leaves of the plant, with the appearance, slightly of what will become the buds.

It should be noted that it is not the same to plant a seed indoors than outdoors, since in the case of those outdoors, we will be able to manipulate the light that is generated quite little, since we will have sunlight as the main element. When will the season begin spring to summer, is when, in general, they will begin to bloom. However, in the case of indoor plants, we can manipulate these characteristics to a certain degree to even achieve a flowering long before the indicated period, although the flavor they are going to have will not be as consistent as if you let it take its time to get fat. and in producing all the resin and substances that make quality marijuana that you are going to grow.

It is important to strictly adhere to the calendars that you have proposed, that is, if you change or interrupt the photosynthetic period, you will be able to verify that the plant is stressed, does not produce flowers or even that you have to start the whole process all over again since has not been able to complete it.

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