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I love giving flowers and plants (and receiving them too, of course) and as I have many friends in Spain and other European countries, I needed a reliable place to send them, so searching and searching, I found floraqueen Spain and since I already tried it and liked it, I decided to talk about them today.

In case it is not clear yet, it is a page that allows us send plants and flowers online anywhere in Spain (although they also have a international service with which we can send our order to fillies around the world), but they have a detail that I love, and that is that they put together special arrangements on each occasion and with sale prices, which for me is something very convenient.


What Flowers to Give According to the Occasion

For example, they put together different arrangements of sant jordi roses, that for those who do not know Catalonia it is a special celebration for couples (similar to Valentine's Day) but it is celebrated on April 23.

Of course you find arrangements for births, for condolences, for Women's Day, to express solidarity, in short, a great variety.
They also offer so that we can give together with the flowers, other gifts such as chocolates, champagne bottles, or teddy bears.

When you place the order at least 24 hours in advance, you can also choose the time slot for delivery (morning or afternoon); but I must be honest, with so much work, more than once, I have not remembered an event in advance, and that is where this company has saved me, since they have agreements with local florists in the most important cities of Spain, and I allowed, request same day shipping, and everything arrived perfect and in condition, the truth is something to highlight.

What flowers to give to your partner

And if you wonder how the prices are, the truth is that they are at the level of the market, and the best thing is that they constantly place bouquets with discounts ready for you to take advantage of them and make yourself look good with someone, be it your partner, your mother or a friend or friend.

But all these data and comments would be of no use if they did not comply with the most important thing: The quality and freshness of the flowers which, I must say, in each of my shipments, it has been flawless.

Forget to mention that it is a company with experience, since they started this project in Barcelona in 2004 and have not stopped growing since then, without a doubt, that speaks of the quality and responsibility of their service. They have already become a registered and recognized brand throughout Spain.

So, you know, if you need to send a bouquet of flowers or an arrangement to any part of Spain, take a look at FloraQueen, you will surely find something you like.

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