Where To Buy Flowers And Plants In Madrid

There is always an occasion for give flowers and plants, not just on special dates.

If you are in MadridIt can be difficult to choose the place to buy flowers and plants, so today we will talk about one of the online florists that you are most in Madrid

Buy flowers and plants in Madrid

The Mint and Cinnamon Florist, in Madrid, has many points in favor when it comes to recommending it, but one of the most remarkable is that its shipments within Madrid are free and can also be delivered on the day, a characteristic nothing less. Click here to know their website.

10 Tall Flowers To Give Privacy With Color Or Make Bouquets

This store we are talking about today, has offered its services for 22 years, which ensures a vast experience in the management of all the variables involved in the sending a bouquet of flowers, for which, within their service they ensure:

  • Have a good price (without losing quality)
  • Dispose of different options that adapt to every budget
  • They take orders by all possible means, this is through their Online store or by phone and / or WhatsApp to any of its branches
  • On special dates (such as Mother's Day) reinforce their human resources to be able to assure clients the assembly and punctual delivery of their order.
  • Thanks to the fact that they do not do any type of outsourcing, all the cost translates into fresh flowers of the highest quality, which ensures that the bouquet you are sending lasts much longer.
  • And most importantly, shipments arrive, always, in a punctual and delivered by hand.

Another important feature when we have to buy flowers and plants in Madrid is that they have had the good luck of Include in the price of each bouquet or arrangement, the wrapping, the bows and the cards to write your dedication, which is appreciated for not having surprises later in the bill detail. The price we see is the total price we will pay.



In Floristeria Mint and Cinnamon you can find all kinds of flowers.

When To Send Flowers To Spain It Is ...

Among the most used are:
Lilies, lilies, peonies,
Roses, in their different varieties, sizes and colors, the Germanic iris, blue, white or yellow,
Gerberas, daisies, aster, dimorphic, euryops, Chrysanthemum, alstromerias, always alive or statice, paniculata, trachelospermum, proteas, freesias, freesias, hypericum, dianthus, hypericum, etc.

When you order a bouquet, you will see that they are wrapped in a double layer of recycled and ecological paper and on top, the classic cellophane.


Among its services in flower arrangements we can highlight:

  • General and special branches (births, friendship, business)
  • Decoration of all kinds of events (weddings, baptisms, communions, etc.)
  • Ornamentation of both civil ceremonies and religious ceremonies
  • Wide variety of bridal bouquets
  • Delicate flower garments for either the groom or the groomsmen.
  • Arrangements for funerals (Wreaths and centers)
  • Making baskets of plants and, of course, groups of orchids.

Of all the options they offer, the one I particularly like the most are the plant baskets, because not only am I giving flowers, but also, the person to whom I give them can add plants to their collection and have them forever, not just for a few weeks ...
see if they are not a beauty:

What Flowers to Give According to the Occasion

plant baskets 2

plant baskets 2 plant baskets 3

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