Why is it fashionable to buy plants online?

Like all stores, many garden centers are now accessible online, which offers many advantages to your regular customers, and to everyone else!

If you wonder why it is fashionable to buy plants online, some quick answers are the choice, saving time, varied and expert advice, custom delivery, among others, are there, without eliminating the advantages of physical stores. Quite simply, buying plants online frees you from limitations!

A wider choice

At your local garden center, although you will find a certain selection of plants, the number of floors is limited due to limited space available for display and storage. If you are looking for a particular variety, you may have to visit several garden centers before you find THE plant you need.

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An online garden center does not have these rules.itations, so you can find a much greater variety, especially in the recommended planting times.

The plants can be purchased bare root or in pots and they come in a variety of sizes. In addition, especially the indoor ones, they can be offered in their decorative pot or with a decorative planter.

Another advantage that is repeated among the garden centers that sell online, and just like in physical stores but always with a greater offer, you will find numerous garden accessories, plant care products, pots and planters to place your favorite plants, decoration items...

Advice and information sheets

sheet with information about plants online

Garden center websites are rarely made up of only catalog pages. You can find tokens for each plant, very detailed about their needs, their cultivation, but also many illustrated tips on growing plants.

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Even you can ask questions to advisers or other Internet users through an online forum or even by chat. Garden consultants can also be contacted by phone or email and will respond as quickly as possible to help you with your problem or with the realization of your projects.

The websites of online garden centers, often equipped with a newsletter that you can receive on request and free of charge, they will notify you of their news and, therefore, generally of the right time to buy seeds, plants or pots. You will also be informed in time of the good offers and promotions.

Garden centers are very demanding regarding the plants carefully selected by the nurserymen, the vigor of the plants for a good recovery and the absence of diseases and pests.

Since the objective is not to immediately seduce the potential buyer with a flowering plant, the plants are not forced and, therefore, they have a natural development, which makes them more resistant. This requirement allows them to offer a guarantee on the plants purchased, the duration of which depends on the location and type of plant.

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For plant shipments, the packages are preparedan just before shipment to minimize their stay inside the cardboard box. The containers are carefully packaged so that keep enough moisture for the clods. The delivery is very fast, when the ordered plants are available, of course.

Ordering from a distance can worry some people. Buying without seeing the product can lead to disappointment. But thanks to the internet, it is easy to check the seriousness of a seller. Criticism abounds and a company that is not serious about the quality of the products it sells will not last or grow. There is nothing to fear with a trusted garden center that offers guarantees on its products.

It is easier and simpler

Advantages of buying plants online, the moment

at your own pace

Sitting quietly in front of the screen of your computer, tablet or smartphone, you browse the catalog taking your time. It's time to compare prices and to choose the right plant for your garden or home.

This way you will avoid the disappointment of having fallen in love with a plant that will have no chance of adapting to your house or that will not be suitable.

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Well designed websites

Today's websites are well designed, they are ergonomic and have many search options and online services. It's easy to navigate, even if you're not used to it to surf the net. Most of the time, you can have a direct online tracking of your orders.

Saving time and fuel.

Online sales sites offer the enormous advantage of not having to travel. For people who have difficulty getting around, for those who live in remote areas, for those who don't have time, or for those who have staggered work schedules, no problem!

Delivery can be made to your home, but many garden centers also offer drop-off or even in-store delivery, which generally lowers delivery costs.

Delivery is usually free from a certain order value. Once again, the choice is yours.

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Secure payments like in the store

It is important check that the center haThe online money shop of your choice offers your customers a secure transaction for credit card payments.

Sites that are secure in this way can be identified by an “https://” type address (presence of the s) and by a small green padlock preceding this address.

The information you provide is generally stored on a payment server of the bank with which the store is affiliated, and is encrypted. The sales site does not know or store this information.

However, some sites record some of the data, then the credit card number appears but without all the digits and you have to enter the cryptogram on the back of the card for each order. Avoid sites where this is not the case.

Note: Like physical stores, online garden centers offer their customers payment facilities, usually through a credit institution.

In summary

Buying plants online gives you the freedom to choose without limitations, to buy any time day or night, any day of the week, to receive your order whenever and wherever you want...

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