Discover the 15 most beautiful flowers

Pretty flowers are one of the highest expressions of beauty. Nature gives us such beautiful flowers that it is often difficult to decide which one is your favorite.

I do not know if it also happens to you, but I have a problem, and that is that they all seem precious to me. When they come together they form an explosion of color so spectacular that it moves me.

Although it is very difficult to choose a single flower as the most beautiful of all, I have prepared this list for you with the 15 flowers from around the planet that are people's favorites.

There are many more that have not entered this ranking of the 15 most beloved flowers, and of which I also talk to you in this blog.

Are you coming to know them all?

Meaning of Daisies

Daisies are the symbol of simplicity in its purest form. These flowers native to the Canary Islands bloom every spring, giving us a beautiful landscape full of innocence.

They are easy to find in gardens and lawns. And although they are part of that group of natural flowers that we do not give too much importance to, daisies have their own language.

If you have been given a bouquet of daisies, you should know what it means based on how it is formed. Enter this blog article and find out.

Meaning of Daisies

Who has not ever removed this beautiful flower asking for an answer to that love of youth?

The most common daisies have white petals and a yellow center. They symbolize beauty by the simplicity of their form.

There are also daisies in nature with other different colors; yellow, red, pink, blue and even multicolored.

Do you want to know the meaning of each of these colors? Enter this blog article and discover everything related to these love flowers.

Meaning of the Lavender flower

Do you know a flower more versatile than lavender? Also known as lavender, lavender or cantahueso, the origin of this beautiful purple flower dates back to ancient Egypt, where it was already used for cosmetic purposes.

This flower with an unmistakable aroma is spread all over the planet thanks to its ease of cultivation. Traditionally, it has been highly respected and used in various esoteric rituals.

One of the legends that I like the most about this small flower of blue and purple colors is how the ancient Celts used it in their rituals. When they asked for help to achieve a goal, among others, they went to the goddess Áine offering her a bouquet of lavender.

Meaning of the Lavender flower

Do you want to know how all civilizations throughout history have used this prodigious flower? Enter this blog article and discover why it is in the number 2 position of our ranking.

In the language of flowers, lavender symbolizes purity, devotion and peace. A woman who receives a bouquet of lavender flowers as a gift will be loved unconditionally for her entire life.

Furthermore, the lavender flower is also known for its medicinal and healing properties. Today it is still used in many sectors such as perfumery, cleaning, pharmacology, gastronomy and esotericism.

Enter this blog article and discover all the properties of the lavender flower, this wonder of Nature.

Meaning of the Lotus Flower

It is one of those most beautiful flowers that keeps the most secrets and curiosities in its history.

Its Asian origin and the veneration that Asian countries feel for it have made the lotus flower one of the most beloved exotic flowers.

It grows in water, in areas where there is no current.

The lakes, swamps and ponds that enjoy having lotus flowers on their surface become privileged places and highly desired by visitors seeking relaxation and meditation.

Meaning of the Lotus Flower

The favorite flower of the deities of Asian religions has many meanings.

Buddhists, Chinese and even philosophies such as Feng Shui or even a tattoo give a different meaning to this beautiful flower with large petals.

Do you want to know the different meanings of the lotus flower? Do you know how many colors of the lotus flower exist and what are all the meanings? Enter this blog article and discover the wonders of this flower of tranquility and purity of the soul.

Meaning of Sunflowers

Sunflowers are part of that group of beautiful flowers that make anyone who looks at them smile.

They are the joy of summer, and their characteristic yellow color makes them true suns in our lives.

This flower is native to Mexico and Peru, although today we can find it in European countries such as Spain, France and even Russia and China.

The most striking thing about sunflowers is the way they are always facing the sun.

Meaning of Sunflowers

They chase you from East to West on your daily trajectory, carrying out a movement known as heliotropism.

In addition, sunflowers have gained a lot of prominence in bridal bouquets in recent seasons.

With an increasing number of weddings in which a sunflower is present in the bride's bouquet, and also in the centerpieces of the guests.

Did you know that having a sunflower plant at home favors the attraction of wealth and good luck?

Enter this blog article and discover all the good things that the flowers of happiness and life offer you, sunflowers.

Jasmine meaning

Jasmine is part of that group of beautiful flowers that we find in the decoration of many gardens and that everyone likes for their pleasant perfume.

They are the flowers that represent everything related to love, affection or kindness, among others.

And it is that its white color and the delicate petals that make up these beautiful flowers symbolize a lot of affection and love, while showing simplicity.

Jasmine meaning

They are an ideal gift for a new couple that opens their marriage and their home.

Jasmine is a flower native to the Himalayas, where it represents spirituality and hope.

Do you want to know how to get a beautiful jasmine garden in your home, what is its meaning and what other colors does this beautiful scented flower give us?

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Hydrangeas Meaning

They are the main protagonists in the wedding trend, both for bridal bouquets and for the centerpieces of the guests.

Hydrangeas, those pretty flowers that arouse feelings of love-hate in people, depending on the area where you live.

Regardless of belief, hydrangeas are huge flowers that can be grown almost anywhere on our planet. They need to live in humid climates where the summers are not intense.

Today it is possible to find hydrangeas in many colors, and each one has a different meaning.

Love, purity, abundance are some of the meanings of this beautiful flower that you can find in pink, blue, white or purple, among other colors.

Do you want to know what is the negative meaning that the hydrangea gives off in some places? enter this blog article and discover all the secrets and some beautiful stories of hydrangeas.

Meaning of Gardenias

The power of attraction that gardenias have is so powerful that they have managed to consecrate themselves like the flowers of love. And it is that these flowers of Chinese origin symbolize purity and sweetness, two qualities that are closely linked to the romanticism that emerges from the love of a couple. In the language of flowers, gardenias are known for their power to attract purifying energies. This helps them to express themselves as bearers of harmony and goodwill together with the most intimate feelings of love and affection.

Meaning of Gardenias

Traditionally, gardenias have been related to secret love, something that has turned these pretty flowers into a declaration of the most unconditional love for your partner, or that person you love and need to tell them.

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Did you know that there are red gardenias? Discover everything related to these pure and magical flowers.

Find the harmony and love that has been placed by placing a centerpiece of white gardenias on the main table in your living room.

Meaning of Dandelion

The dandelion, one of those beautiful flowers that is full of legends and stories that will fascinate you.

It is present in the meadows of warm areas in any Nordic country on our planet.

You may know this flower for the healing properties attributed to it. And is that the dandelion is very helpful in various healing processes, taking advantage of all parts of the plant, in addition to the flower.

It receives many other names; You may find it better known as bitter chicory, bitter, lettuce or buttercup among many others.

Do you want to know them all? enter this blog article and discover them.

Meaning of Dandelion

If you are not married yet and are preparing your wedding, don't forget to include a dandelion flower in your bouquet. You will achieve a happy and loving marriage.

Something that fascinates me about the dandelion flower is the large number of legends that surround it.

A Nordic legend tells that this delicate flower is the refuge of fairies. And it is that when humans arrived on the planet, they were not able to see the fairies and stepped on them.

To avoid being stepped on by a being absent of magic, they decided to disguise themselves with golden petals and perch on the stem of the plant.

Isn't that a beautiful legend to you? Discover more beautiful stories in this blog article.

You will also find all its healing properties and the large number of meanings that surround the fairy flower, the dandelion.

Meaning of the flower of life

The flower of life, a sacred geometry that explains the cycle of life, time and space.

We are facing a symbol, a figure that is made up of 19 circles of the same diameter and 36 arcs that form a hexagonal set.

This set, in turn, is included within a larger circle. All this combination forms all the basic geometric figures.

The flower of life is a symbol widely used in esotericism.

Thanks to its appearance with the interlocking circles, giving that appearance of small oval petals forming several flowers, it is called the flower of life.

Meaning of the flower of life

It is a representation of life itself, since it has the ability to show each of the events that you are experiencing throughout your existence.

In reality, this complex web of actions creates a set of reactions that cannot be separated.

They are the consequences of all your actions and they are always linked to each other.

This original and beautiful flower of life is considered a sacred symbol.

In addition to the geometric meaning that I have explained above, other symbols used in different cultures, both ancient and modern, are included within this original drawing.

Do you want to know all the meaning of the flower of life? In this blog article you will find all its meanings.

Meaning of the flower of life

In addition, there you have broken down the different parts that make up this original flower of life.

As a curiosity, I will tell you that the flower of life is present in many places and moments both in your life and in everything that surrounds you.

The circles of power of the alchemists, in the mathematical properties that Leonardo da Vinci discovered, in the cells of any human being or the connection that some plants of Nature manifest with the flower of life.

None of this is by chance; everything is perfectly connected. What is fascinating? do not miss the whole explanation of this wonderful flower of life. You have it in this blog article.

Meaning of the Lilies

Lilies are those pretty flowers that belong to people's hearts and love. Their characteristic white color makes them special for the purity and innocence they give off.

These Mediterranean flowers grow in hot climates with high humidity. They receive other names such as meadow onion or angel flower, among others.

There are many traditions and legends that surround these delicate flowers with the shape of a bell and an immaculate white color.

For example, according to the Bible, lilies are the symbol of choice and providence.

Meaning of the Lilies

They represent the virginity of the Virgin Mary, and it is she who is adorned with these beautiful and delicate flowers, thus magnifying the figure of the mother of God.

In the meaning of flowers, and due to their white color, lilies are considered one of the highest expressions of purity. This is why many brides choose these flowers for their bouquet on the wedding day.

In this blog article you can find everything related to lilies. And if you want to have them at home, you will also find how to take care of the flowers of purity.

Meaning of the Cala flower

Calla lilies are part of that group of exotic flowers that everyone likes for their simplicity and showiness.

They are present as a decorative element in any house, forming part of a special bouquet and any other use that comes to mind.

Also known as water lilies or jug ​​flowers, calla lilies symbolize sympathy and purity.

Carrying a bouquet of these pretty flowers with you will convey a message of good taste and elegance.

These flowers, whose origin takes us to the south of the African continent, have their origin in the Greek and Roman civilizations.
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Meaning of the Cala flower

There they were considered a symbol of celebration thanks to the shape of their large petal evoking a glass to drink and toast.

The coves are closely linked to love between couples. And there are many beautiful legends and stories about these flowers that you will love.

Do you want to know them together with all the curiosities and meaning of the coves?

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Meaning of the Cattleya flower

The Cattleya flower is a beautiful variety of orchid. It is the official flower of Colombia and you will love it for its unique beauty.

You already know that orchids have a deep meaning related to love and sexuality.

The Cattleya flower is native to Latin America and receives various names depending on the country where it is grown.

Thus, in Colombia it is also known as May Lily, while in Venezuela, for example, it is known as May Flower.

Meaning of the Cattleya flower

Something that I love about orchids, in addition to the enormous variety that we can find throughout our planet, is the great variety of colors that they give us.

Cattleya flowers also come in various colors. Red, purple, white or blue, each one has a beautiful meaning for those who receive it as a gift.

They can mean calm, stability, innocence, romance, tenderness, etc … Do you want to know all the meanings and colors of the beautiful Cattleya flowers?

In this blog article you will find everything related to these very special flowers.

Meaning of the lili flower

Lili or Lilium flowers are much better known as Lilies or Lilies.

They are beautiful flowers that are also used in the cosmetic industry to make perfumes, since their smell is very pleasant for any nose.

For many centuries, Lili flowers have been used for other uses, in addition to decoration that will fill any room in your home.

Used for medicinal purposes, these beautiful flowers are ideal to help you with the discomfort of menstruation, fight bronchitis.

Meaning of the lili flower

And on issues related to cosmetics, they will help you take care of your hair.

As for its meaning, many are attributed to lilies, or lilies.

Because they occur in a great variety of colors in Nature, they have meanings as varied as innocence, happiness, passion, contempt, or sensitivity.

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Meaning of Gerberas

They are the most popular flowers in the world. You can find them in any color, as with tulips.

And is that gerberas are present in multiple floral arrangements, including bouquets for weddings, guest tables or a bouquet of these beautiful flowers to brighten up any room at home.

Gerberas are native to South Africa, although they can be planted in any type of soil around the world, except areas with extreme temperatures and those that are too humid.

There are 38 different species of gerberas recognized, and they have been used since the time of ancient Egypt where they were used to worship the God of the Sun.

Meaning of Gerberas

As I have already mentioned, you can find gerberas in all possible colors, and depending on their color their meaning also influences them.

Thus, for example, orange gerberas signify euphoria, laughter and laughter. Roses signify spring love and blue ones indicate personal satisfaction and inner peace.

Do you want to know all the meanings of gerberas according to the colors they have?

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Meaning of the Fleur de Lis

It is a symbol of nobility and is present in many flags and coats of arms of various countries and estates throughout the planet.

The Fleur de Lis represented French royalty during the Middle Ages. It even appears in the symbolism of the Catholic Church under the meaning of the light of God that illuminates everything.

This beautiful flower is native to Mexico and has thin and elongated petals in red.

Meaning of the Fleur de Lis

It does not require great care, so you can grow a plant in any pot indoors, although it is also an outdoor flower.

Do you want to know everything about this flower that is among the most beloved beautiful flowers of the people?

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