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The Kalanchoe flower belongs to a very hardy ornamental tropical plant. Its peculiar flowering and medicinal properties have made it a very popular flower in various cultures. Today we teach you to distinguish it, its meaning and its properties.

Description of the Kalanchoe flower

The Kalanchoe is a Perennial plant, whose geographical origin is still unknown, however it grows wild only in China, Madagascar and certain areas of Africa. It was presented in America for its easy cultivation and resistance, promoting its plantations also for its medicinal properties.

Its scientific name is Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, but it is popularly known as donkey ear, colombian, kalanchoe, hojerilla, air leaf, devil's backbone, witch's herb, always alive, ojaransín, dulcamara or goethe plant.

It is characterized by being a shrub-like plant, with more than 200 varieties described. Some can reach 6 meters high, others less than 50 centimeters. Its leaves are generally fleshy and rarely whole, always a dark green hue.

The Kalanchoe flower blooms for only 8 weeks in winter, and when spring comes they fall off. Its petals are fused in the shape of a tube, and each flower is divided into 4 sections with 8 stamens each.

As for the colors, you can get them in various shades, mainly pink, orange, red and yellow.


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Meaning of the Kalanchoe

This flower is NOT taken into account in the language of flowers, nor does it have interesting and ancient legends that refer to it. However it is a plant highly beneficial for physical and spiritual health, so much so that it is considered sacred in Santeria.

If we had to give it a special meaning it would be strength, endurance, health and life. A Kalanchoe flower makes an excellent gift to those who feel ill, or cannot move, or go out to see nature.

The advantage of this flower is that it only needs watering once a week in summer and twice a month in winter; In addition to its leaves and petals, you can make healing infusions.

In the Yoruba religion, the Kalanchoe, known as Witch Grass, is one of the most used in their healing ritualsIt is believed that it has powers to scare away the bad energies that inhabit a person and that cause illness or bad luck.

The rituals include bathing or cleansing with Kalanchoe macerated water, at the same time that the "Orishas" (Yoruba Divinities) are prayed for.

In the same religion, the Kalanchoe is used for a curious love ritual, in which the plant is sown next to a paper where the couple's names have been written.

The plant is supposed to be linked to its love, if it grows healthy so will love, if it dies, the relationship will end.

Meaning of the pink Kalanchoe flower

Many ask about the meaning of the pink Kalanchoe, and as we have said it is a plant with little symbolism. However pink is the color of innocence, childhood, youthful purity, femininity and romantic energy.

Any flower, including the Kalanchoe, that has petals of this color can unconsciously express these meanings to the recipient.

Meaning of the reddish Kalanchoes

In the case of reds, fuchsias or dark oranges, the Kalanchoe could have a more intense meaning in terms of emotions.

Generally the flowers of this color express love, passion and lust; but if you give them along with a note, you can give them a more specific meaning according to your perception. Also, even if you are not Yoruba, you can use kalanchoes of this color to make your love ritual.

Meaning of yellow Kalanchoe flowers

The soft yellow or orange Kalanchoe flowers are usually the most resistant to radical environmental conditions. Therefore you could give them the meaning of strength, health, and even joy or liveliness of spirit.

Either way, you can give them as a gift with the intention of cheering up, or wishing good health and luck to your loved ones.

Meaning of the white Kalanchoes

The white color always expresses purity, peace and cleanliness. In this case the Kalanchoes express health and energy renewed.

Its beautiful white texture transmits tranquility and is a visual tonic for patients who need encouragement.

Properties of the Kalanchoe flower

Both the stems, the leaves and the petals of the Kalanchoe flower contain a rich source of flavonoids, acetates, phenols and enzymes in general that are highly beneficial for human health.

Among its properties are; analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, diuretic, anti-hemorrhagic, antiseptic, antiviral, emollient, digestive, antibacterial, antiulcer and anticancer.

The use of Kalanchoe is recommended for:

  • Heal tumors and abscesses.
  • Control blood pressure and triglycerides.
  • Relieve the pain of renal colic.
  • Reduce symptoms of diarrhea.
  • Heal deep wounds.
  • Reduce inflammation.
  • Avoid infections or fight them.
  • Relieve and heal burns.
  • Control digestion.
  • Soothe the symptoms of rheumatism.
  • Relieve migraine.
  • Soothe stomach pain in girls during menstruation.
  • Calm the cough.
  • Heal the skin after insect bites.
  • Reduce bruising.
  • Lower the fever.
  • Decrease fluid retention.
  • Calm the nerves.
  • Reduce anxiety, stress, or panic attacks.
  • Soothing for schizophrenics.
  • Reduce gangrene.
  • Fight and prevent the development of cancer cells.

How to use or ingest Kalanchoe?

You can use it topically or make a concoction depending on the condition. If the dose is ingested it should not exceed 30 grams per day, otherwise it could be toxic.

If you are going to apply it on the skin, we recommend crushing the leaves and making a compress or patch type plaster, this will serve to cover and close wounds or relieve rashes and burns. You can also mix the juice of its leaves with petroleum jelly and apply as an ointment.

If eaten, the fresh leaves and flowers can be included in salads. Another way is to make hot infusions.

Video of the benefits and properties of Kalanchoe

Still wanting to know more about this amazing though unknown plant? Well, do not miss the following video that we leave you right here below, because you will be able to learn much more about this incredible plant.


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