10 Tall Flowers To Give Privacy With Color Or Make Bouquets

Some gardeners may be somewhat intimidated by tall flowers, assuming there is extra maintenance work because they all need to be staked or staked. That may be true for some varieties, such as delphiniums, but not for others, such as sunflowers.

Also, plants and flowers that have a certain height help us with the privacy issue as some of these taller perennials will give you a good coverage during summer and fall. And if you enjoy putting together bouquets To place inside the house or to give as a gift, they will be a great investment in your garden.

Tall flower options for your garden

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Those who are dedicated to the production of plants and flowers, are increasingly striving to achieve smaller species, which may be justified since many of us live in apartments or houses with very small gardens and we do not have space, but, even so, there are enough tall flowers available to create an eye-catching show many even grow best from seed, so you can grow them even though nurseries don't grow them.

Here are some:



This native North American plant is little used.

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It belongs to the aster family, in fact, it looks a lot like an aster, with white or pink flowers; hence also its common name "false aster".

It can grow up to 1.80 meters in height. "It gives a great show in late summer and autumn." Its location will be in full sun.


The buddleja or shrub of theButterfly Bush

Butterflies can grow up to 1.50-1.80 meters (or up to 2.10 m. in a good season).

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It attracts butterflies and other insects as well as hummingbirds.
Its pink, white, purple or blue flowers stand out.
He likes the full sun.



Large leaves and boldly colored flowers (red, orange, yellow, or pink) add drama to a garden.
It is not difficult to get them to grow from 1.50 m to 2.50 m.

The highest is C. 'Musafolia', and it can reach 3.5 meters in one season if it is happy, in a warm and humid place.

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Cannas are tropical plants, so gardeners of freezing zones will have to dig and store the rhizomes in a cool, dry place, or simply treat them as annuals. Location: In full sun.



Also known as spider flower, these annuals grow up to 6 feet tall and have distinctive tall pink, white or purple flowers.

They are easy to grow from seed.
Some find them similar to fireworks.

I invite you to give them a chance in your garden as they are wonderful to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. In addition, they emit a very pleasant fragrance at night. We will plant them in full sun.

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This delicate-looking flower, with its fern-like leaves, is very hardy and easy to grow from seed.

Their bushy appearance also makes them great filler plants. Butterflies and bees love them.

'Sensation ' it is only one of the tallest varieties, with a height of 1.2 meters. Location: full sun.



A basic example of the summer garden, they grow up to 1.80 meters and have beautiful tall flowers that attract butterflies.

They are probably the most majestic and striking of the large perennials, although they are also the most fussy.

It needs a soil that is very rich in nutrients to produce these good-sized flowers.
We will place them from full sun to partial shade.


alcea rosea

It may be an old-fashioned plant, but it has tall, very colorful flowers.

It needs sun and humidity and will grow up to 1.80 meters or more.

Many varieties die after two years, but happily they often self-seed, so if you plant the seeds once and let the seeds ripen on the plant, you will never have to plant them again.



Another tall-flowered perennial. The flower corollas can be from white to pink or lilac, and reddish or yellow (although the latter two colors are rare).

It is native to the warm areas of North America. It does well in moist soil and can grow up to 2 meters.

It is a special plant to attract butterflies. In full sun, but can tolerate some light shade.



If you want them very tall, buy one of the older varieties, as breeders have been working hard to achieve compact varieties.

Some of the newer ones have large branches, so you can get a dozen flowers per plant instead of just one large at the top.

It can reach 3 to 4 meters in height with a flower the size of a basketball at the top.
Some of the taller varieties: 'American Giant Hybrid', 'Mammoth' and 'Skyscraper'. Full sun.


Zinnia elegans-Zinnia

Following the trends of use both in the garden and in bouquets and arrangements (thecolvinco.com), these popular annuals have been reduced or "shortened" in the search for compact varieties and more resistant to diseases.

But the 1.2 meters still have a lot to offer:
They are easy to grow from seed, are colorful, and continue to produce tall flowers until frost arrives.
The tallest varieties include 'State Fair', 'California Giant', 'My Lucky Ladies' and 'Big Red'.

Nothing bad!

If you found this post interesting about the options we can consider when looking for plants with tall flowers, give your stars to this note 🙂

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