5 Tips You Should Follow When Decorating For Christmas With Plants And Flowers

Christmas is here and many are still thinking about how to decorate their spaces so that they not only look festive, but also so that they have a unique personality for the last weeks of the year.

Whether you take your ideas from the tupperware catalog and assemble a Christmas tree using only the containers from your Christmas campaign with discounts of up to 35%, or you want to opt for traditional ornaments such as light curtains and garlands, the truth is that decorate it will always require a research process where you make sure you are choosing the best options available.


For plant and flower lovers like us, home décor should be completely green, a process that can be much more complex than traditional décor. For this reason we offer you 5 tips that can make decorating a much simpler and more effective activity:

  • Choose seasonal plants and flowers

The December weather gives rise to dozens of plants and unique flowers of the season, such as mistletoe, poinsettia, Christmas rose, pine or Christmas cactus. Each of these not only has a unique color and personality, but they also adapt to different areas of the house.

To find the best Christmas plants, you can always go to your trusted nursery and request information on seasonal options, and even ask for advice on how to put together colorful bouquets for the season and how to take care of them.

  • Bring the outside into your home

Whether your house has a garden, the area where you live is surrounded by nature, or the park is just a few minutes from your home, you can always choose outdoor items to "import".


From pine nuts and branches, to logs of wood, moss and dried flowers, there are hundreds of plants that you can bring home for the perfect decoration. Although we will emphasize this point later, make sure you are not damaging live plants or removing them from their natural habitat.

  • Use them to complement your ornaments

Many people tend to place traditional and natural ornaments in totally different spaces, without realizing that they can complement each other perfectly. From decorating your napkin rings with flowers or pine twigs, to using aquatic plants as the base for your candles and candle holders, there are a hundred ways to complement your traditional decorations with plants.

Plants and flowers can become the most beautiful decorations in your home, however, they can also be very dangerous if you do not take into account the allergens that many of them have. These substances can cause dangerous reactions in you, as well as in your loved ones and pets.

Before choosing a plant that will accompany you for several weeks, it is important that you make sure that no one in your house suffers from an allergy to it. If you don't know exactly which plants and flowers can cause an allergic reaction, you can always leave it in a controlled space for a few days to see if any unfavorable consequences are generated.

  • Take the environment into account

Any decoration improves significantly when we give it a natural touch using flowers and plants, but this does not mean that we should remove them from their natural environment or damage them just to make them part of our centerpiece.

You must make sure you provide them with the right conditions to keep them healthy or, failing that, that they are dead plants and "sterile" seeds such as a dried pine nut.

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