Begonias, spiritual meaning and symbolism

The begonia flower is a beautiful and cheerful plant that can be found in many gardens around the world. There are more than 1,000 species of begonias, all in different shapes and sizes. The most popular types are tuberous begonias, which produce long stems with clusters of flowers on them.

They grow in many different colors and shapes, depending on the variety. There is a wide range of meanings for begonia flowers based on color, but they usually symbolize love, happiness, beauty, or gratitude.

Begonia flower meaning

Each flower has a special meaning. The Begonia flower is no different and there are various meanings attached to this lovely flower. The most common meanings of the Begonia flower are:

Misfortune Warning: Begonia flowers can be used to warn someone of dangers that are about to occur. You can also give the Begonia flower to someone who has been injured or has suffered some kind of accident. Of course, this is only one of the many meanings of this flower, and it does not have to be the dominant one.

Be cautious: Begonias can also be given as a gift to someone who is going on a trip or is planning some kind of potentially dangerous activity. Giving Begonias in the past meant that you feared for that person's well-being or wished them a safe journey.

dark thoughts: Begonias are also related to dark thoughts. This symbolism comes from the fact that begonias are also linked to warning signs and caution. In any case, they are not surrounded by a very positive energy, at least in some cultures.

Gratitude for something: In addition to being a warning sign, the Begonia flower also has a meaning of gratitude. It is the perfect bouquet of flowers to give someone, if you are grateful to that person for something.

Individuality and uniqueness: Begonias stand out for their beauty and uniqueness. Therefore, they are symbols of these two traits, and can be considered symbols of unique appearance and individuality of character and appearance.

Justice and peace: This flower has the meaning of peace and justice, and was often given as a sign of remorse or guilt. People forgave themselves after giving these flowers, for the sins they had committed or the things they had done wrong.

Harmonious Communication: If you want to enter into peace and start a harmonious communication with someone, these flowers are perfect for it. Give Begonias to someone you want to talk to in a nice and soft way.

Begonia – Etymological meaning

The name of this flower comes from the French botanist who discovered this beautiful flower. The meaning of caution comes from the name of the flower, and in translation it really means danger.

Charles Plumier, who discovered this flower, named it after a politician who was in power in the Caribbean and is supposed to mean returning the favor.

Begonia – Symbolism

The begonia flower may not have the most positive meaning in the world, but it certainly has a reason. Begonia flowers warn us of possible dangers. This is how this beautiful flower got its name and is remembered.

The begonia symbolizes the connection between people and harmonious communication. If you give someone this beautiful flower, your communication with that person will be much more fluid and you will not feel so stressed about the whole situation. They are great flowers to give to just about anyone you love and respect, as their symbolic meaning is not as specific as that of a rose. They are beautiful flowers for both indoor and outdoor use and can remind you of the importance of being a good person.

The begonia flower is named after a helpful official so you can give it to someone who has done you good. Give your colleague or worker a begonia plant in a pot and thank that person for a job well done without being pushy.

Begonia flowers are also symbols of individuality and notoriety. They are distinguished by both their beauty and their unique appearance. They are living proof that not every flower has to be the perfect shape or look to remain eye-catching and interesting to the recipient.

Begonia – Color Meaning

Begonia flowers come in several different colors. Each color has a specific meaning and, combined with the meaning of the Begonia flower, sends a specific message to whoever receives this flower.

Begonia flowers come in these colors:

red begonia

The red color symbolizes passion, romance and love. The red begonia flower is perfect for someone you love and find attractive. You can give them to your partner or someone you just met but find attractive.

pink begonia

The color pink, similar to red, symbolizes delicacy, love and romance. It's the perfect gift for his lover on Valentine's Day.

yellow begonia

The yellow color symbolizes luck, wealth and satisfaction. It is the perfect flower color to give to someone you want to see happy and in a good mood. You can also place this colorful flower in your home to attract sunlight.

golden begonia

The golden begonia represents happiness, satisfaction and wealth. You can gift this flower to someone you want to be successful.

white begonia

White color symbolizes purity, innocence and spirituality. White is a universal color and has soft symbolism, so you can gift it to just about anyone. It doesn't matter how old that person is or what relationship you have with them. The color white has a universally positive message.

blue begonia

Blue color is a symbol of art, passion and creativity. This unusual flower color would be given to someone who is worthy or understanding enough to accept the beauty of this peculiar flower.

Purple Begonia

The purple color symbolizes nobility, royalty and creativity. Purple flowers are usually given to people we respect and consider very important in our lives.

Characteristics of the begonia

If you are a fan of ornamental flowers whose interior and exterior grace you can equally respect, then you must have heard of begonias. This plant is famous for its bright flowers and decorative foliage. Also, begonia flowers are very easy to care for and you can have them both inside and outside your home.

In short, the begonia flower is a beautiful ornamental plant that will brighten up many homes. This perennial floral species has more than 1,700 different species that grow throughout the world.

The Begonia flower is native to tropical and subtropical areas such as South and Central America, Ceylon, East India, East and South China, and humid West Africa. There are different types of Begonia flowers, some are large, for example Begonia arborescenswhich can grow up to 3 meters high, while others are very small, such as Begonia humenophyllaawhich only grows 5-6 cm tall.

You can find begonias with wooden, upright, crooked, creepy, or very low branches. The leaves are somewhat asymmetrical and there are all kinds, some are round, heart-shaped and can be divided into several parts. Others can be ovoid, circular, and other interesting shapes. Leaves can also be hairy or smooth, with bulging or raised white, red, or green veins.

When it comes to planting begonias, choosing the right location is important. The location of the plant should be a place where there is light shade and where the flower is protected from frost.

The begonia should be exposed to the sun in the early morning or late afternoon to ensure its best flowering. Avoid planting potted begonias on hot surfaces like asphalt or concrete.

Choose a fertile soil to plant the Begonia flower. Begonias prefer fertile, nutrient-rich soil. You can prepare this type of soil by adding fertilizer or compost. You should also make sure that the roots of your plants have good drainage.

Try to avoid planting Begonias in areas with high winds, because they have poor stems that can be damaged by high winds.

Water your begonias regularly. They should be watered until the soil is moist, but not soggy. Too wet soil can cause the plant to rot or be damaged.

Therefore, as soon as you notice that the soil is dry, water the plant. Hanging Begonias, whose scientific name is Begonia pendula, are tuberous Begonias with characteristic unpainted stems and asymmetrical leaves. Hanging Begonias are very beautiful and their flowers can be every color of the rainbow except blue. This decorative plant is an excellent choice for pots or hanging baskets.

During the winter, the Begonia requires that you keep it indoors. So unpack the plants before the first frosts and pot them up, and continue to nurture them indoors. Don't forget to water the plant and often ventilate the room where you have it.

A Final Word on the Meanings of Begonias

We hope you have found useful information in this begonia flower article. Now you can be sure that this flower is ideal for decorating your home. Also, you have seen all the secret meanings of this flower and can better understand its symbolism.

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